How do I use the card reader securely?

How do I use the card reader securely?

  • Keep the codes you generate with your card reader secret (just like the PIN for your debit card) as they're the key to your accounts and unlocking your money.  KBC will never ask you for them by e-mail, text message or phone.


  • Read messages and instructions on your card reader's screen carefully to verify the legitimacy of transactions.
    Beware of scams like one asking you to connect your accounts to a new security system while your card reader is showing that you're actually transferring a substantial sum of money.

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What do we do at KBC to secure online banking?

KBC Antivirus Software Package

Protect your computers, tablets and smartphones against viruses and unsafe websites.

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Phishing by text message

The scammers send you a text message containing a link to a fake website where they ask you for personal and banking details. Never divulge personal details, particularly your PIN or similar credentials!