How to go about changing banks

The Bank Switching Service enables you to move to a new bank for free

How to go about changing banks

The Bank Switching Service enables you to move to a new bank for free

Changing banks using the bank switching service

The free bank switching service makes it easy to change banks. No fewer than 70 000 people used this service in 2018. All you have to do is open a current account at your new bank and fill in a request form to switch banks.

  1. Open an account at your new bank
  2. Fill in a request form for the bank switching service 
  3. Send the request to your new bank

Switch to KBC

Benefits of the bank switching service

  • Moving your standing orders
  • Closing your old current account

... is much easier when you use the free bank switching service. When you submit your request to switch to KBC, we make sure that everything is done quickly. That frees you from having to deal with all the related administrative tasks.

How long does it take to switch banks?

Everything is finalised within 10 banking days.

How much does it cost to switch banks?

The bank switching service is completely free of charge.

Go through everything in your own time

Switch to KBC

Prefer to arrange everything yourself?

That’s perfectly possible, too. This document will help you on your way:

Switch to KBC

Everything about your vehicle in KBC Touch

This facility provides you with a handy overview of all your vehicle-related loans and insurance, letting you see everything at a glance

Save and invest on your phone

  • Start saving (for later)
  • Get personal investment advice
  • Bank from the comfort of home

What does long-term saving mean?

Long-term saving schemes give you a nice tax break.

Saving by standing order

Standing order to a savings account.
The easy way to save and build up a nice sum.
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