Why become a KBC client?

Why become a KBC client?

Near you

The freedom to do your banking and insurance business where and when you like.

Personalised advice

Experts are on hand to give you the right advice at the important moments in your life.

Switching to KBC

Our bank switching service makes it easy to become a client at KBC.

Every day, you are at the centre of what we do at KBC

We do our utmost for every client. And it works. We now serve no fewer than three million satisfied clients every day.

KBC network

You will be given a warm welcome in our extensive network of 700 branches and 500 agencies in Flanders and Eastern Belgium.

Find KBC near you

online banking app

Or you can deal with your banking and insurance business easily and fast online with KBC Touch, our online banking app.

Download KBC Touch

KBC's full range of apps in detail

As an innovative financial player, we have lots of useful apps for your tablet or smartphone, such as KBC Assist, to file fast, easy insurance claims with KBC if you suffer an accident, loss or theft.

KBC's full range of apps in detail


Open an account using the KBC Mobile app today: it's easy and has many benefits

  • No need to come to our branch
  • No papers to sign
  • No documents to send us

Open an account at KBC. It's fully paper free.

A full range of banking and insurance products

Quality products for both your banking and your insurance needs: that's what you can expect from KBC.That's why we only offer you the best. It's also why our products often come top in quality rankings and market research.

Personal advice from skilled staff

switching to KBC

You, our client, are central. Our experts are on hand to provide you with the right advice at the important moments in your life. We provide simple, transparent, customised solutions through our branches and agencies or on our website. We give key moments like your first home, a new baby, moving in together or getting married, starting a business, retirement, and so on the attention they deserve. And it’s precisely thanks to our comprehensive advice that tens of thousands of people choose KBC each year to help them buy a home.

Supporting and investing in local projects

We take the savings that Belgian households entrust to us and invest them in local projects. Not only do we fund the building plans of individuals, we also pump money into local start-up businesses and local initiatives like flandersclassics and 'Kom Op Tegen Kanker'. After all, it's only natural that we fulfil a useful role in society.

We also take good care of our younger clients. We have worked together with schools and student clubs for many years and sponsor top Belgian festivals, like Rock Werchter, TW Classic and Werchter Boutique.

KBC and the environment

We endeavour to make a difference by reducing our ecological footprint. And, in so doing, we keep a keen eye on the ecological risks in our daily operations. Our environmental policy in an extension of our mission statement and applies to all our business units and entities, which at the same time are free to take their own initiatives.

Switching to KBC

We concentrate on

  • Energy
  • CO2 emissions policy
  • Business travel
  • Reduction of paper use and recycling measures

Switching to KBC?

Simply choose when and we’ll move your current accounts and all your regular payments to us. We'll look after all the paperwork so you don’t need to worry about that either. Virtually everything will be sorted for you in 8 working days.


We're here to help

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