What to do if you're moving home

You're moving house – that's great! But it takes a lot of organisation – and preparation is key. The checklist below will guide you through the entire moving process.

Cancel your old tenancy

Are you renting now? Inform the landlord by registered letter. You should do this three months in advance. Agree on times at which prospective buyers can look round the rented property.

Are you leaving the rented house or apartment in its original condition? Good – that means you'll get all of your deposit back. But you'll have to draw up an inventory first. Tip: carry out any repairs to your rental property first. Remember to fill in holes you've drilled in the wall and put right any other minor damage to avoid any run-ins with the landlord. You'll then be able to move out with total peace of mind.

Sort out all utilities

A month before you move, it's time to inform your electricity, gas and water suppliers. Ask them what to do about the meter readings. You need to check them in your new home, too, preferably on the day you get the keys. Use the energieovernamedocument for this, and have it signed by the landlord at the same time. Ready? Send the form to your supplier within five working days.

Inform the relevant parties of your new address

  • Your employer

Inform your health insurance fund two weeks before your moving date. And don't forget your employer. They will pass on your new address to the social insurance fund. You may also be able to request a day's leave so you have time to move all your stuff.

Self-employed? You'll have to inform all parties yourself. They are the social insurance fund, VAT office, social secretariat and commercial register.

If you receive a tide-over allowance or unemployment benefit, you should inform the Flemish Office for Employment and Vocational Training or Actiris of your change of address. Don't forget the National Employment Office and your payment agency.

  • Your KBC branch

Provide us with your new address.

  • KBC Mobile

1. Log in to KBC Mobile
2. Tap the photo next to your name
3. Tap ‘Personal details’
4. Tap the icon at the top right and change your address

  • KBC Touch

1. Log in to KBC Touch
2. Go to 'Profile' at the top right of your screen
3. Select 'Client details' and change your address

  • The post office

Notify the post office of your new address a week before your moving date. With Bpost's moving service, all your mail will be sent to the new address.

Remember your home insurance

Home insurance is a legal requirement in Belgium (except in Brussels, where it’s not currently mandatory but strongly recommended), so be sure to arrange that for your new place as soon as you can.

  • You've already taken out home insurance
    Drop by to adjust your policy based on your new home. Make an appointment

  • You haven't taken out home insurance yet
    Work out the cost of insuring your house or apartment and then take out your home insurance online. Choose your home insurance

Make sure your moving day goes smoothly

  • Use a removal firm

A problem-free moving day takes more than a helping hand, such as a removal firm, for instance. If you want to use one, you should start looking three months before the move. Ask the removal firm to call round. You can then discuss the practicalities, such as which furniture you're taking to your new home and which you're leaving. You should also ask for a quote. Tip: Some removal firms charge a higher rate for moving on a Saturday.

  • Packing

Manpower, lots of cardboard boxes and plenty of newspaper: that's all you need to pack up your stuff. Number all the rooms, boxes and furniture to make it easier to unpack. Also write on each box if the contents are fragile.

But what do you do about all the screws, bolts and locks for cupboards? Simple – just put them all in an envelope. You can tape them to one of the loose cupboard panels.

  • Other practicalities

Lots of people take their freezer with them to their new house or apartment. Are you going to? Put it on the highest setting the night before. And make sure it stays upright during the actual move. Another tip: put in the things you'll need first right at the end.

When you arrive at your brand-new home, you should start by setting up your bathroom and bedroom, so you can get some rest after a long day moving house.

Register with the new municipality

Register with the local council promptly. You can do this up to eight days after moving. The local council will inform the department at your previous municipality. Even the tax authorities will be informed for you. Have the registration document for your car or motorcycle altered within two weeks of moving. And while you're at it, you can ask what day the rubbish is collected. Very handy indeed!