Investing: not for people like you?

Investing: not for people like you?

Why start investing?

Why would you put your time and energy into investing? Perhaps it strikes you as complicated and unpredictable. As you search for information, you will often encounter contradictory messages. And maybe you find the whole thing boring and a turn-off. So why would you want to get involved with investing?

Your savings offer barely any return at all

It’s also clear that your savings are earning virtually nothing. Worse still, in this period of low interest rates, your assets are indisputably losing value.

Lost purchasing power in figures
Lost purchasing power in figures

Protect your assets against inflation

Loss of value due to inflation over the past 20 years
Cumulative inflation (01-01-1999 = 100 EUR) - This graph illustrates the loss of value due to inflation.

So why do other people invest? Precisely to counter that loss of value over time. They set out to achieve a return on their assets that outstrips the loss of value due to inflation.

Whether for a rainy day or to supplement their retirement pension. To allow themselves a few more luxuries or to be able to give their children or grandchildren a helping hand in the future.

Investing can be a good way to grow your assets sustainably in the medium term. Even if interest rates were to rise in the near future, they are very unlikely to do so to a level higher than inflation. So even then, your money would be losing value.

Good for your peace of mind

Contrary to what you might think, therefore, investing can offer you peace of mind. You can be more certain that your assets will remain in good shape in the medium term. People who are scared off by the possibility of short-term losses are jeopardising their potential long-term returns.

Inside your comfort zone

The main challenge, then, is to make sure you are comfortable with your investments. In other words, your investments have to stay within your own personal comfort zone. So that you’re not thrown by fluctuations on the stock markets.

How can KBC help you achieve this?

We base ourselves on your specific needs, style and goals. This means you can count on a solution that’s perfectly tailored to you. Not off-the-peg, but made-to-measure, taking full account of your goals and emotions. But how do you know what kind of investor you are?

To find out, we’ve developed a test to show you how to achieve a better return on your assets while enjoying total peace of mind.

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