An account just for your child

Some good reasons for having one:

  • Free of charge for 10- to 24-year-olds
  • You keep a close parental eye on things using KBC Mobile or KBC Touch
  • If the card is lost, the money remains safe in the account and you can quickly apply for a new card free of charge

Have you added your child’s details to your profile? If you have, you can open your account right away. If you haven’t, add their details first.

Add your child’s details to your profile
Open a free current account for your child

Keep a close eye on things

A young person’s account will enable your children to take their first steps towards financial independence. Of course, they won’t be left to their own devices just yet. While your child learns how to go about (everyday) banking, you continue to stay in control and keep a careful parental eye on matters thanks to KBC Mobile, our banking app, or KBC Touch, our online portal.

Open a current account for your child

You decide whether your child can:

  • Make online payments
  • Pay by contactless without having to enter a PIN
  • Pay by card or withdraw cash above set daily limits
  • See details of their savings account

KBC Mobile, the app that’s also designed for your teen

A current account for your child

More and more kids are growing up with their own smartphones, so it makes sense that they use them for just about everything they do, whether that’s checking their school timetables, when they’re meeting up with friends or to see the balance on their current account.

A few of KBC Mobile’s capabilities:

  • It’s the perfect way to teach children and young people how to manage their own finances
  • It’s suitable for checking balances, transferring money and quickly viewing past transactions
  • It’s secure and can be monitored and managed (for instance, you set the payment limits for your child)

Discover KBC Mobile for your teen

The current account for children aged 10 and older

Opening a current account for your child can be done quickly and easily online. All you have to do first is make sure your child’s details have been added to your profile.

Add your child’s details to your profile
A free current account for your teen?

If you're not a customer, simply drop by a KBC branch in your area.