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Marketing communication

The Fund Finder is a tool to help you quickly navigate our extensive range of funds¹ and investment-linked insurance (Class 23²) products. The funds are managed by the Belgian management company, KBC Asset Management NV, except for the Fivest Euroland Responsible Investing fund which is managed by the Irish management company, KBC Fund Management Limited.

  1. 'Fund' is the common name for an Undertaking for Collective Investment (UCI). The term can refer to a sub-fund of an open-ended investment company under Belgian law (bevek), a sub-fund of an open-ended investment company under Luxembourg law (sicav), a collective investment fund and/or a sub-fund of a collective investment fund.
  2. ‘Class 23’ is the generic term given to life insurance in which the premiums are invested in one or more investment funds without any guarantee of a return.

This is a publicity announcement. This screen does not contain any investment advice or investment research, just a summary of the product’s features for marketing purposes. This on-screen information may be changed without notice in the future. Detailed information on this product, the terms and conditions and allied risks can be found in the prospectus, the Key information document and periodic reports (in the case of UCITS) or in the management regulations and key information document (in the case of unit-linked investment-type insurance). Go through the Key information document and prospectus (for UCITS) or the key information document and management regulations (for unit-linked investment-type insurance) before deciding to invest in this product. You can obtain these documents free of charge from your KBC or CBC branch, or view them at or There you will also find a summary of your rights as an investor. This summary is available in Dutch, English, French and German.

Certain products including KBC-Life Multinvest unit-linked investment-type insurance can only be subscribed to during the initial subscription period.

This information is subject to Belgian law and is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts. If you have any questions, KBC clients can contact: + 32 78 353 137 KBC Brussels clients should contact: + 32 2 303 31 60

You can submit any complaints you may have by e-mail to, by telephone on 016/43 25 94 or by e-mail to (in the case of UCITS), respectively (in the case of unit-linked investment-type insurance). All net asset values can be found at