KBC IFIMA S.A. (LUX) (EMTN program)

Notes are fully guaranteed by KBC Bank

All notes issued under the EMTN programme are fully guaranteed by KBC Bank (except if KBC Bank becomes bankrupt or defaults).

More information on KBC (ratings, annual reports, etc.) can be found at www.kbc.com.

Notes issued at regular intervals under the EMTN programme

The EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) programme is a framework within which individual notes are regularly issued.


A fully owned subsidiary of KBC Bank, KBC IFIMA S.A. (LUX) helps fund the activities of members of the KBC Group by issuing notes and lending the proceeds to KBC Bank or other members of the KBC Group.
Click here for more information and recent annual reports of KBC IFIMA S.A. (LUX).

Informative reference indices

KBC IFIMA S.A. specialises in issuing structured notes. An overview of the reference indices used for its structured note issues is given below. These documents are provided for information purposes only and are intended to give you an idea of movements in the price of the underlying assets. The official fixing of the coupon(s) is carried out according to the parameters described in the product info sheet and the prospectus.

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