Joint account

KBC Plus Account

Joint account

KBC Plus Account

Income and expenditure overview

Check your joint income and expenditure online, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Transfer money in real time

Spent more than the agreed amount? Top up the shortfall right away! All transfers between KBC accounts are real-time.

Two debit cards

Why go for a joint account?

Open a joint account

A joint account is a current account in your name and the name of one or more other individuals. Joint accounts are especially useful if you are

  • Cohabiting (whether casually or under a legal arrangement)
  • Married
  • In a relationship and frequently make joint purchases with your partner
  • Planning to move in together or get married

It doesn't matter whether or not you already have your own current account: you can still open a second, joint account at KBC, making it easy for you and your partner, or others you share a home with, to split your household costs (like rent and the weekly shopping) and giving you a clear view of your income and expenses, for your convenience.

A shared responsibility

You and your partner are both in charge of administering the current account. This means that:

  • You can both carry out the same, and the same number of, transactions 
  • If the account balance drops below zero, you're both liable for paying the overdraft back to the bank, regardless of who caused the fund shortage (though the situation is different if you're married)
  • To open or close a joint account, the agreement of both account holders is needed (this does not apply to married couples)

Keep an eye on your income and expenses

Check your joint income and expenditure online, in KBC Touch

In KBC Touch, you get a useful summary of all your joint income and expenditure. You can use it to check your current account balance online, track your payments, check your credit card spending, and so on. So, you can easily do things like see when your energy bill was settled or which of your flatmates hasn't yet paid their rent.

Free of charge for under-25s

Our KBC Plus Account without a credit card is free of charge for young people under 25. If you are over 25, the cost of a KBC Plus Account depends on which credit card you choose:

If you don't take a credit card                               

2.50 euros per month

If you take a KBC Silver Credit Card

3.50 euros per month

If you take a KBC Gold Credit Card 

6.50 euros per month

If you take a KBC Platinum Credit Card

9.50 euros per month

Prefer a free account? That’s perfectly possible, too. Our KBC Basic Account is entirely free, but you pay for extra services like a second debit card, withdrawing cash abroad or at branches of banks other than KBC.

How do I open a joint account?

Enter your personal details
Get the account opened immediately
Your bank cards will be posted to you within five banking days



A joint account

The most convenient solution for couples to pay the rent, or energy bills, or do the weekly shop.
A joint account

Current account made just for you

  • Extensive payment package
  • Credit card of your choice
  • Open online
Current account made just for you

Choose the current account that suits you best.

Get one for free or with all the extras! Open one online now and get your account number straightaway.
Choose the current account that suits you best.

Using your debit card

Learn how to change the PIN and limits for your debit card or stop your card with our handy guide to using your KBC Debit Card.
Using your debit card
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