Investment advice from us – always at arm’s length

KBC Invest

Investment advice from us – always at arm’s length

KBC Invest

A professional look at your assets, anytime and anywhere!

With KBC Invest on your tablet or computer, you can keep tabs on your investments whenever you want, 24/7.

Always fully up to date

KBC Invest sends you messages any time an investment is approaching maturity, when opportunities arise on the market or if KBC makes a change to its investment strategy.

Get advice and carry out transactions remotely

Perhaps your adviser sends you an investment proposal, but you’ve no time to come in to the branch – just check out our advice in KBC Invest. Then all you need do is digitally sign the investment proposal.

Who can use KBC Invest?

KBC Invest is for clients with investment portfolios of 25,000 euros or more. 

What does KBC Invest give you?

1. A professional look at your assets

KBC Invest
  • If you want to keep close tabs on your investment portfolio, proper insight is more than welcome. KBC Invest lets you build on your specialist’s insight, from the comfort of your computer.
  • It shows you at a glance how much your investment portfolio is worth.
  • You can analyse each individual investment with details like product features, historical returns and price changes.
  • You’re constantly on top of your complete KBC investment vision.

2. Always fully up to date

KBC Invest keeps you informed of events that are of importance for your investment portfolio. You’re kept constantly up to date on

  • when an investment is coming to maturity or
  • new opportunities come to light

Each month, we focus in on our vision of the financial markets and track down opportunities with a fine-tooth comb. You also have easy access to your Wealth Management Service Smart, Plus or Select.

3. Get advice and carry out transactions remotely

Want to sell or buy an investment? Reach us by chat, even outside office hours. The KBC Team’s Wealth Management specialists will be pleased to give you the advice you need and then close the transaction for you.

When your relationship manager spots an investment opportunity, they’ll quickly contact you. Through KBC Invest, you’ll get a personal investment proposal, which you can then digitally sign for straight away from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to place stock exchange orders yourself on an online platform without getting advice from KBC, use the Bolero online trading platform from KBC Securities NV.

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