Authentic e-mails

Authentic e-mails

How do I recognize authentic emails from KBC?

1. Check the sender’s domain name

The domain name is the 2 last parts after the @ in an e-mail address like the bold text shown below.

We virtually always use these domains:

2. Verify links in e-mails

Treat e-mails asking you to open links with suspicion. Never open links without checking them first.

Hover your cursor over the link without clicking and a pop-up will appear showing you where the link would take you if you opened it.
If you're using a tablet or smartphone, hold your finger on the link to see this pop-up.
Links are secure if the two last parts of the section between the forward slashes are one of our official domain names like, and

3. If in any doubt at all, forward the e-mail to Secure4u

Done everything above but still not sure whether an e-mail is authentic? Send the suspect e-mail to
and our security experts will check it for you.

Our Cybersecurity Service includes virus and phishing protection software that protects your devices and your online activities from attack by cybercriminals.
Learn more.