WhatsApp fraud

Help me scams

WhatsApp fraud

Help me scams

If someone you know is asking you for financial help through social media, watch out. It could well be scammers at work.

How the scammers operate

  • Steal the username and password for someone’s social media account (like their WhatsApp or Messenger credentials)
  • Use the victim’s contacts to send a message to their friends or relatives (often their parents) asking to help out financially or make urgently required payments

Our advice

  • Never transfer money requested by social media message, e-mail or text message and call the person who appears to have contacted you to check whether they actually asked you for financial help
  • Use two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification) to securely log into your social media accounts and prevent them from being easily hacked 
  • If you receive this type of message, report it right away to secure4u@kbc.be.

Spotted something suspicious?

Email us at secure4u@kbc.be

Stay alert for phishing scams!

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Phishing by text message

The scammers send you a text message containing a link to a fake website where they ask you for personal and banking details. Never divulge personal details, particularly your PIN or similar credentials!