Which is more secure … banking on your smartphone or on your computer?

Which is more secure … banking on your smartphone or on your computer?

The answer is simple: both are equally secure.

Our apps have several added security features that are easy to use and help keep you safe and secure while banking with us online or on the go. 

  • We require you to initially register your smartphone or tablet with us (just once) so that only you can use it to bank with us.
  • You also have to set a personal PIN, which generates a unique digital signature each time you enter it. 
  • After three incorrect attempts to enter your PIN, our apps lock you out.
  • They also log you out automatically if you haven't been using them for a few minutes.
  • All of your details are encrypted.
  • If we notice what might be a suspect transaction from your account, we'll call you right away. 
  • Our apps have built-in antivirus software that constantly checks your device for viruses targeted at banks.

What can you do?

You, too, have a crucial part to play in ensuring that you bank securely with us using our mobile apps, including the need to:  

  • Download only official KBC apps available from the Google Play and Apple app store
  • Install updates when they are available
  • Keep your pin secret  

Report internet fraud

How to bank securely online

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