Switch to a different car insurer

You can choose to insure your car with any company you like

Switch to a different car insurer

You can choose to insure your car with any company you like

Why switch?

  • You are buying a new car
  • Your existing insurer is increasing its rates
  • Your car insurance policy with your current insurer is about to expire
  • Switching after an accident

Cancellation of your current car insurance

Whether or not your existing car insurance policy is about to expire, you may want to switch to a different company. This is not a problem. All you have to do is send a cancellation letter to your car insurer by registered mail at least three months before your policy's annual renewal date. You can find your annual renewal date on your insurance policy. Important: the date on your 'green card' is not always your policy renewal date, so make sure you do not mix them up.

A cancellation letter needs to fulfil some legal requirements. You can write this letter yourself or use a standard template. You must include the following information in this cancellation letter:

  • Your first and last name
  • Car insurance policy number
  • Annual renewal date
  • Request to cancel car insurance
  • Date and signature

After sending the cancellation letter, it is your current insurer's notice period that determines how long it will take before you can switch car insurer. Make sure you ask about this.

Changing car insurer after a change of rate

Your car insurer has to inform you if they plan to change the rate. In that case, you will receive a letter or email informing you of the change of rate and an explanation for doing so. If you want to change car insurer after this rate change, you can do so.

From the date on which you receive the notification letter, you have three months in which to forward your cancellation letter to your car insurer by registered mail. However, this rule does not apply if you are responsible for the rate change, for instance as a result of an accident for which you are at fault, an amendment to the policy or a change of address or vehicle.

Changing car insurer after an accident

You can change car insurers after you have been involved in an accident. This applies whether or not you were at fault. You still need to send a registered letter giving notice of the cancellation. In this case, you have to send the registered cancellation letter to your current car insurer within one month following the payment (or denial of payment) of the indemnity.

Your future car insurer

Before you cancel your current car insurance, you should get in touch with your future car insurer. As soon as your future car insurer approves your application, you can stop your current car insurance. Always play it safe with this transition and make sure your car remains insured at all times.

If you change car insurer, you can also take your claim-free years with you. Present your most recent bill for the premiums for your old car insurance company to your new car insurer as proof of the claim-free years you have already accumulated. Your new car insurer will take them into account.

Welcome to KBC

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