Investing for young people

Investing for young people

Starting from as little as 25 euros a month

Invest from as little as 25 euros a month by standing order. Have the freedom to invest additional amounts too.

Spread your investments

Invest over time and avoid the risk of mistimed investments.

Long life span

Start investing young for a longer time horizon and see your capital grow.

Want to start investing young? You’re in the right place! An investment plan will help you get you off to a flying start.

The longer your investment runs, the more money it can earn you

Investing for young people

Given the current low rate of interest on savings, investments offer another way to get the most out of your money. The younger you start, the higher your potential return.

That's because you don't need immediate access to the amounts invested when you're young, which means they can generate a return over a long period. Those returns are then re-invested and that's what we refer to as the capitalisation effect.

For example: if you start investing when you're 15, you'll have 15 years of investing behind you when you turn 30. The longer you're able to invest, the better the prospects.

Start investing with ease on your phone
Start investing with ease on your phone

Spread your investments

Investing for young people: diversified investments

An investment plan lets you invest in one or more funds. If you opt for a balanced fund, you will invest in many different shares and bonds. In this way, you spread your investment risk and you have a better chance of earning a return.

You can spread your risk even more by depositing money throughout the year. For instance, you could start out by depositing as little as 25 euros in your investment plan each month instead of putting in a large amount once a year.

Enjoy the convenience of making your deposits throughout the year with automatic investing. With this facility, a fixed amount (starting from 25 euros) will go automatically from your account and into your investment every month.

Benefit from spreading your investments with an investment plan
Benefit from spreading your investments with an investment plan


A KBC Investment Plan is completely free of charge. You don't pay anything apart from the usual charges for the investment funds selected. The exact charges are given in the key investor information document for the selected funds and they can also be requested from your KBC branch.


Don't forget that investments also entail risks. The value of your investments can fluctuate and they can also make losses.

Although you can access the money in your investments at any time, it is recommended that you invest your money for a longer time horizon. So, invest only what you can afford to go without for at least a few years.

How to invest for young people

Looking to set up a KBC Investment Plan for a young person? Choose for a KBC Investment Plan with Third-Party Beneficiary Clause. It can be set up in a KBC branch. To do so, either make an appointment online or contact KBC Live.


Did you know that more than 140,000 customers already have a KBC Investment Plan.

Start investing now by following the steps in KBC Mobile
Start investing now by following the steps in KBC Mobile

Prefer to set up an investment plan in a KBC branch?

Make an appointment with your branch. Simply make an appointment online or get KBC Live to arrange one for you at a convenient date.

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