Investing with advice

Investing with advice

Personal investment advice is something for all investors, regardless of whether they’re just starting out or ready to take their investments to the next level. Thanks to your investment profile, each proposal is always tailored to your individual situation and preferences. Read on to discover the benefits and opportunities of investing with advice.

Control and confidence thanks to investment advice from KBC

Chances are you’re after two things. One is control: you want to decide when, how much and for how long to invest. The other is a trusted partner, because you don’t have time to keep a close eye on the stock markets. That’s something you'd rather leave to the specialists.

If all that strikes a chord with you, you should definitely consider KBC’s investment solutions with advice:

  • You receive a personal investment proposal based on your investment profile (one of the things we do is adjust the risk level of your investments to take account of your preferences)
  • You decide whether to invest each month or to invest a lump sum (or to combine both)
  • KBC Asset Management experts manage your funds for you (they protect you when necessary and take advantage of opportunities to make gains when they can)
  • You track your investments in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch, while buying and selling whenever you want
  • You automatically engage in responsible investing, i.e. every fund you invest in takes consideration of environmental, social and governance factors 

Digital investment advice or appointment at the branch?

Generally speaking, you invest to get a higher return on your money. Investing with advice lets you invest in a more targeted way as it’s tailored to your personal situation or preferences. Such specific investment advice is ideal when, for instance, you want to invest a larger sum of money in one go.

What's more, everything can be done digitally from the comfort of your home. However, if you prefer to discuss your proposal in person, make an appointment at a KBC branch near you.

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