Invest from the gut or use your brain to score?

Invest from the gut or use your brain to score?

Intelligent investment: how do you do that?

When you decide to invest, the first important question is where to put your money? As you search for information, you will often encounter contradictory messages. When it comes to investing, there as as many opinions as there are experts.

Traditional investment methods teach, for instance, that risk and return go hand in hand. If you want to limit your risk, you need to spread your investments. That’s absolutely true, but how do you go about achieving it? And how can you make sure your investments keep up when the situation evolves? Does it all mean you have to keep close track of them yourself and carry out lots of transactions?

Not necessarily. What is important, however, is that your investment tactics make sense.

It is best to combine 3 techniques in order to arrive at a good tactic. In the same way that a successful football team has to field the right mix of players.


  1. Attack, otherwise you’ll never score

    Our first technique, and the foundation of our tactics, is our classic investment strategy, which you can compare with a team’s forward line-up.

    Every month, our specialists analyse the financial and economic prospects for specific regions, sectors and themes. They then draw up a strategy on that basis. Our strategy funds position themselves so they can seize on any opportunities that arise to score a winner.

    But a team obviously can’t play with forwards alone, which is why we apply two other investment techniques as well.

  2. Insure flexibility: defend when you have to, attack as soon as you can

    The second technique is our flexible strategy. What you might call our midfield. Depending on how the market is evolving, play can quickly shift from one end to the other. When necessary, midfielders back up the defence. But when an opportunity presents itself, they can switch instantly to attack. That way you benefit fully from trends in the market.

  3. Ensure a solid defence

    The third technique is our defence, the main job of which is to avoid conceding. If the market suffers a setback, we can use this technique to turn high-risk assets into ones that are less exposed.

This mix of techniques ensures that you always invest firmly within your comfort zone. When times are tough, our midfielders tackle back to help our defenders shield the returns you’ve built up. Our forwards and attacking midfielders, meanwhile, see to it that you never give up entirely on the market.

Investing is a personal and nuanced matter, and so we approach it in an equally personal and nuanced way.

That means we have to find out which type of investment is best suited to your wishes and expectations

  • Do you prefer to do everything yourself?
  • Would you like to receive advice before choosing your investments?
  • Would you rather leave it all to our experts?

How do you know what kind of investor you are?

To find out, we’ve developed a test to discover which investment approach is the most comfortable for you. By answering a number of questions, you can determine which investor profile fits you best.

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