KBC helps you


KBC helps you

At KBC, we're here for you with an entire Estates team to support you when you lose a loved one.
When you notify us that one of our clients has died, we deal with much of the attendant paperwork for you. We give you useful information and ensure that the KBC banking and insurance matters are dealt with properly.

Information session for next of kin

At a telephone meeting shortly after the death, a member of Estates department staff will give you all the information you need to ensure the KBC banking and insurance matters are wound up smoothly (bank accounts, investments, insurance policies and loans). You get more details on what items you can continue paying, and how, plus the various stages in the process of winding up the estate. We'll tell you what documents KBC needs to wind the estate up smoothly in line with your specific circumstances. The member of Estates department staff will tell you where and how to request those documents so everything goes smoothly.

We'll also provide you with a detailed, personalised summary of your telephone meeting with us in the form of our Guidance & Advice for Relatives pack, which you can read through again carefully and in your own time. The second part of the pack gives you general information on winding up estates and on non-banking matters that you may need to deal with as next of kin, like what to do with the deceased's home and car.

Digital estate file

If you’re registered at KBC as the next of kin of a deceased person, you can gain access to the digital estate file in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch. This allows you to monitor the estate settlement process whenever you choose. You’ll be able to see in what phase the settlement process is and what documents we need from you. These documents can be uploaded directly. You can also use this channel to send us invoices that are to be paid from the blocked accounts (if a blocked payment account is available).  For each individual document and invoice you can see the processing status.

Guidance for Tax Returns

As the deceased's heir, you have to report the inheritance or estate to the tax authorities. The tax authorities will calculate the taxes that you have to pay on your inheritance based on the tax return you file. We help you with the probate declaration by giving you an overview of what we submit to the tax authorities (our Guidance & Advice for Tax Returns pack).

Help in distributing the assets held with KBC

You will get advice on distributing the assets held at KBC among the heirs. We make sure that the assets are divided up as agreed among the heirs.

And, after the estate has been wound up, we're there for you

Distribution of the assets could change your financial situation. That could be in situations such as where you suddenly inherit a large sum of money and need advice on how best to invest it. KBC can help you with advice in those situations, too.

A joint account

The most convenient solution for couples to pay the rent, or energy bills, or do the weekly shop.

Saving for a home

Does the thought of having your own home seem like a financial impossibility? If you're well-prepared, it doesn't have to be.

Has your family situation changed?

Now you can also submit changes in your family situation online.