Has your family situation changed?

Now you can also submit changes in your family situation online

Has your family situation changed?

Now you can also submit changes in your family situation online

Always up-to-date

Has your family situation changed? Modify your details.

In just a few clicks

Now there's no need to visit your branch to change your details. You can record your family situation via KBC Touch or KBC Mobile. It's quick and easy.

Advice tailored to your needs

This simple action enables us to provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

Record your family situation
What is KBC Mobile?

Are you single, cohabiting or married? Do you have children? Let us know your family situation in KBC Touch or KBC Mobile in just a few clicks and receive interesting benefits.

What are the benefits?

When you update your family situation, it gives us the opportunity to better tailor our offer to your specific needs.

  • Want to give your new-born baby a good start by opening a savings account in their name?
  • Is your teenage son or daughter ready for their own current account? 
  • Is your child old enough to start working?
  • Are you looking for a bigger house now that child number three is on the way?
  • Or are you looking for a smaller home because your children will soon be leaving the nest?
These are excellent reasons to keep us informed because this information will enable us to provide you, your partner and your family with even better service.

You too could be in for a great prize

Happiness is sometimes to be found in the little things. A visit from the stork, for instance, but perhaps sometimes also from a visit to your KBC branch. After the arrival of your new-born you could have a chance of winning a great little prize if you bring the birth announcement in to us.

To celebrate this extension to the KBC family, we hang the card up in our Pink Cloud and we'll regularly pick a family as winner of a great prize. What do you reckon for instance to a photo shoot with your little bundle of joy? Who knows? You might just be one of the lucky ones.

Note: this promotion is not running at all KBC branches and differs from one to another.

Register your baby or minor child

KBC Touch and KBC Mobile make it easy to quickly register your children with us and get our products and services in their name.

If you've already done so, you'll see some extra fields allowing you to apply for products or services on their behalf.

How can you modify your family situation in KBC Mobile?

If you need to register a child who's 12 or older, be sure to have his or her ID card to hand.

Open the KBC Mobile app and tap 'More' > 'Profile' > 'Contact details'
Tap the pencil beside 'Family situation'
Tap the plus icon and enter your child's details

PS You can also modify your family situation in KBC Touch or at your usual KBC branch.