Simulate your renovation loan

Simulate your renovation loan

Planning to renovate or repair your home? Find out which loans suits your plans. As a KBC client, you can work out your loan online and apply straightaway.

Already a KBC client?

Find out which loan suits you best and see how much it'll cost.

  1. Click 'Home renovations and improvements'.
  2. Tell us the purpose of the loan and how much you want to borrow.
  3. Find out the percentage rate of charge and what you'll repay every month.
  4. If interested, apply for the loan online.

Not a client or don't have KBC Touch?

Find out which loan is best suited to your renovation plans.

  1. Describe your project in a little more detail.
  2. Find out which loan is best suited to this project.
  3. For more information, click through on the name of the loan.