Permission to drive outside the European Union

Permission to drive outside the European Union

This form is only intended for customers with a Private Lease contract. If you don't have this type of contract, you can find your certificate of insurance in KBC Touch and KBC Mobile. Learn more.

If you want to travel to countries outside the European Union, you must apply for a certificate from Renta Drive. You must be able to show this to the competent authorities during your stay, whenever you are asked to do so. If you cannot present this certificate, you risk at the very least that the authorities will impound your vehicle.

The most common countries requiring such a certificate:

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Morocco
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey

Note that in countries outside the European Union for which it is not possible to apply for a certificate, you cannot drive a leased vehicle.

Please note that this certificate is not needed for Switzerland and Norway, even though they do not belong to the EU.