Green energy loan

Green energy loan

Get a great rate

Take out your loan today at a very competitive 1.90%*!

Borrow for an eco-friendly home

Put 50% of your investments into making your home more energy-efficient and get a 100% green loan.

Pay no additional charges

Our Green Energy Loan isn't just good for the environment. It's better for your wallet too as there's no loan origination or handling fee to pay.

Calculate your Green Energy Loan

Why go for this instalment loan?

Eco-friendly home improvements are good investments that more than pay for themselves. And that's not just because of resulting lower energy bills. Your home will also be worth more if you sell or let it later. Are you ready to look to the future and live in an energy-efficient home? Just send us proof of your investment and we'll set things in motion for your KBC Green Energy Loan application.

Who it's for

Green energy loan

This loan is for you if at least half of your home improvements are for energy-efficiency purposes, including:

  • new central heating or solar boiler
  • water pumps and other geothermal energy systems
  • high-efficiency glazing
  • new insulation
  • thermostatic taps
  • solar panels
  • energy audit

Renovation loan

You can take out a renovation loan if less than half of your home improvements are for energy-efficiency purposes.

Even more benefits

  • You can apply instantly online
  • You can borrow by yourself or with one other person  
  • You can make even more long-term savings with energy-efficiency investments


The minimum term for a KBC Green Energy Loan is six months. The maximum term:

  • Follows the statutory repayment terms
  • May not exceed 120 months
  • May not be longer than the economic life of what you're paying for

Credit terms and conditions

You must be aged 18 or over to apply for a loan. As applicant, you decide on the amount of their loan (within limits), which can be for as little as 500 euros or up to the full amount of the investment.

Right of withdrawal

If you take out a loan that is to be repaid in instalments, you have 14 calendar days to withdraw from the contract, starting from the date you and we sign the contract. 


* Representative example: for an instalment loan of 10,500 euros to be repaid over 60 months at a fixed annual debit rate and annual percentage rate of charge of 1.90% , you pay 60 instalments of 183.51 euros per month or 11,010.60 euros in total. Rate applies on 16-02-2017 for an instalment loan used to finance energy-saving renovations.


Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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