Investment advice from us – always at arm’s length

KBC Invest

Investment advice from us – always at arm’s length

KBC Invest

A clear overview of your assets.

With KBC Invest you have a constant, up-to-date view of your investments on your computer or tablet.

Always well informed

With KBC Invest, you're always quickly informed of any important events for your investment portfolio

Our experts right on hand

With KBC Invest, you can ask questions and settle administrative matters without leaving your armchair. Our specialists are here for you, even outside branch opening hours.

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Who can use KBC Invest?

KBC Invest is for clients with investment portfolios of 25.000 euros or more. 

Don't have KBC Invest but would still like to keep an eye on your investments? Then go to KBC Touch or KBC Mobile where you can get an overview of your investments.

What does KBC Invest give you?

1. A clear overview of your assets

KBC Invest

With KBC Invest, you constantly have a clear view of your investments. You build on insights from your specialists, simply using your computer or tablet. 

  • It shows you at a glance how much your investment portfolio is worth.
  • You can analyse each individual investment with details like product features, historical returns and price changes.
  • You're constantly on top of your complete KBC investment vision.


2. Always well-informed

KBC Invest keeps you informed of events that are of importance for your investment portfolio. We alert you to all sorts of occurrences, such as:

  • when new opportunities arise;
  • when KBC's investment strategy changes; or
  • when an investment is coming to maturity.

Each month, we focus in on our vision of the financial markets and explain opportunities in the finest detail.

3. Our experts right on hand

With KBC Invest, you can ask questions without leaving your armchair. Our experts are there for you. Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can even sign transactions from the comfort of home. Our specialist will provide you with documents in KBC Invest, which you can sign without leaving home.

Pay safely and securely in online stores

You can pay for online purchases easily with your debit card or credit card. But did you know that KBC Mobile is the quickest and easiest way?

Carefree travel with the apps from KBC!

Order foreign currency, check your account balance while souvenir shopping, or top up your account to pay your credit card bill: with our apps, you can manage all your banking business and insurance before, during and after your trip. Check out our mobile travel tips.

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