KBC Basic Banking Service

KBC Basic Banking Service

Limited number of services

The basic banking service is a package comprising a current account and a limited number of services for all your basic transactions.

Online and mobile banking

Check your balance or transfer money on your smartphone, desktop or tablet thanks to KBC Mobile and KBC Touch.

Provided for by law

If you don't have a current account and have less than 6 000 euros on your savings account, you are entitled by law to access a basic banking service.

What is a basic banking service?

Basic banking service

In this digital age, you need a current account to manage your finances. Given this situation, the law states that everyone is entitled to a basic range of banking services.

Thanks to the combination of a bank card and current account for private use, anyone meeting the relevant criteria can receive money and make payments with KBC's apps.

What is included in the KBC Basic Banking Service?

  • A current account
  • A KBC Bank Card
  • Use of KBC Touch and KBC MobileB
  • An unlimited number of electronic transactions
  • 36 manual transactions per year (e.g., paper-based transfers and cash withdrawals at the counter)

Who can apply for the basic banking service?

Basic banking service

To get the basic banking service at KBC, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You do not have this service or a current account at KBC or any other bank.
  • You have less than 6 000 euros on your accounts (time deposit, custody and savings accounts) at KBC or any other bank.
  • You do not use the current account for business purposes.

If you do not meet these criteria or want to use more services, compare the facilities offered by the KBC Basic Account and the %%product.plusrekening%.

What's it going to cost you?

Account management 1 euro a month
Over-the-counter cash withdrawals 0.35 euros per transaction (first 36 transactions exempt)
Cash withdrawals at other banks' ATMs 0.20 euros per transaction (first 36 transactions exempt)
Cash withdrawals abroad (Europe) 0.20 euros per transaction (first 36 transactions exempt)
Paper-based transfers, transfers at the counter or via KBC Live
0.50 euros per transaction (first 36 transactions exempt)

How do you apply for the KBC Basic Banking Service?

You can sign up to the Basic Banking Service at any KBC Bank branch. Drop by your nearest branch or make an appointment beforehand.

If you’ve been refused our KBC Basic Banking Service and wish to dispute this, you can contact:

• Our complaints service (KBC Complaints Management, Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven | Tel. 0800 620 84, complaints@kbc.be)
• Financial Ombudsman Service (Ombudsfin, North Gate II, Koning Albert II-laan 8 bus 2, 1000 Brussels | Tel. 02 545 77 70, ombudsman@ombudsfin.be, www.ombfin.be)
• Directorate-General for Economic Inspection (Algemene Directie Economische Inspectie, North Gate III, Koning Albert II-laan 16, 1000 Brussels | Tel. 02 277 54 84, eco.inspec.fo@economie.fgov.be)

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