Buy your train ticket with KBC Mobile

  • Beat counter queues
  • Choose the best route and plan your journey
  • See when your train is due to arrive
Buy your train ticket with KBC Mobile

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Arranging your train journey is a breeze with the additional ‘SNCB’ service in KBC Mobile. And regardless of whether you order a ticket on the platform or from the comfort of home, you’ll avoid having to queue at the ticket office!

Good to know: even if you don't have a KBC account, you can still easily buy your train tickets in KBC Mobile.

Check the timetable

Wondering when the trains run on your selected route? Quickly check the timetable in KBC Mobile and see when your train is due to arrive.

Always get the correct fare

If you’re buying a ticket for yourself, you’ll be shown the correct fare automatically based on your age. If you’re buying a ticket for someone travelling with you, you have to fill in a few details about them, including their age.

Another plus is that a Standard Ticket automatically switches to a Weekend Ticket at the weekend. If you have a ‘Large Families’ discount card, just select the relevant check box to get the correct fare.

List of tickets available in KBC Mobile:

  • Standard
  • Weekend
  • Youth
  • Senior
  • Standard Multi
  • Local Multi
  • Large Family Discount

Show your ticket even when you’re offline

During your train journey, you might lose your Internet connection for a while. However, that’s not a problem because you can still show your ticket on your smartphone (the train ticket you bought is always visible on the %%product.mobilebanking login screen).

How do you order a train ticket in KBC Mobile?

1. Log in to KBC Mobile and tap ‘Offer
2. Scroll to ‘Mobility’ and tap the ‘SNCB’ tile
3. Accept Olympus Mobility’s terms of use

Got a question?

Check out the FAQs.

Buy your train ticket with KBC Mobile

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