View current accounts you hold at other banks

with KBC Mobile

View current accounts you hold at other banks

with KBC Mobile

You can now view any personal and business current accounts you hold at other banks in KBC Mobile! By providing this service, KBC has become the first bank in Belgium to facilitate this type of multi-banking. Of course, it will be done with utmost respect for your privacy.

What options are already available?

1. Adding accounts

You can add any personal and business current accounts you hold at other banks in the secure environment of KBC Mobile. 

You can already add current accounts held at Argenta, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis and ING, using the other bank’s card reader. No card reader is required to add accounts held at KBC Brussels and CBC.

At KBC, we treat any information you entrust to us with the highest degree of confidentiality. In this case, will use it solely for the purposes of this service.

2. Checking your account balance

Once you’ve added an account at another bank to KBC Mobile, you will also be able to see the balance of that account in our app. Not all banks have the required technology in place yet, so it is possible that the balance is not automatically updated in our app

The date below the balance indicates when we last received an update. For some banks, this information is updated automatically. For other banks, you will need to follow a few steps on your screen to view your most recent balance.

3. Pay from accounts with other banks

Our Mobile app already lets you check the balance on your accounts with other banks and make payments from a KBC Brussels or CBC account in no time.
Now it also lets you make payments from your accounts with other banks. All you have to do is add them to your KBC Mobile Mobile app. You’ll still need your other bank’s card reader for these types of payments for the time being, but we’re working on it. We soon hope to make that even more convenient as well.

We are well aware that these are early days for this promising new feature and, therefore, we intend to use all feedback we receive to further optimise its functionality and user-friendliness.

How does it work?

Log in to KBC Mobile.
Tap or click the plus icon next to ‘Current accounts’.
Select ‘Add an account at another bank to KBC Mobile’.
Follow the steps on your screen and have your other bank’s login details and card reader ready.

What more does the future hold?

By the summer, you will be able to use our KBC Mobile app to make payments from any accounts you hold at numerous other banks. In fact, this is already possible for accounts held at CBC and KBC Brussels. And, of course, we want to continue adding new features, making it even more convenient and efficient for you to manage all your banking business in our app.