Learning about saving

Learning about saving

What’s the best way to save and how much should you put away? And what happens if you combine saving and investing? You can ask a multitude of questions about your savings and find the answers below. Learn more about starting to save, targeted saving and specific events.

Starting to save

Thinking about starting to save or looking to save smarter? The tips below will help you find the approach best suited to you, whether that’s just saving or combining saving and investing!

How to save

We’ve lots of tips on how to save. Discover them now and make ‘saving money just as easy as spending it’.

How much should you save each month?

Whatever you're saving for, it pays to put money aside on a regular basis

Saving and investing

Wavering between saving and investing? Find out quickly whether you stand more to gain from a mix of savings and investments.

Targeted saving

Want to save for a child or grandchild, or for a specific project like buying a house? The articles below cover many areas, including what you can save for, the different ways to save and how to teach children to handle money responsibly.

Why saving for your child’s future pays off

You would do well to start saving for your child’s future as early as possible. What is the best way to save or invest for the next generation?

Saving or investing for a child, grandchild or godchild

You want to put some money aside for a a child, grandchild or godchild, but is it better to save or invest?

Baby savings account

Baby on the way? Open a savings account for your unborn baby while you're expecting.

Saving for a home

Does the thought of having your own home seem like a financial impossibility? If you're well-prepared, it doesn't have to be.

Saving for someone else

Why you should start saving for your pension

Your state pension is less than your final salary. By choosing to save, you'll build up a reserve and get up to 30% tax relief.

What if …

You’re trying to figure out your taxes and how income from savings is taxed? Or worse still, wondering what happens to your savings account if you and your partner separate or you die? We explain the different scenarios to you in clear language.

Separation or divorce: what happens to your savings account?

Get a quick idea of what happens to savings accounts you hold jointly or separately after a divorce or separation.

Savings account when a loved one dies

KBC has to block a savings account immediately after a death. See how we distribute the funds to the right heirs.

Tax on earnings from savings

Learn how interest on a savings account is taxed and when you have to pay withholding tax with examples.