You'll soon be 25!

Now's the time to go for the account that’s right for you

You'll soon be 25!

Now's the time to go for the account that’s right for you

At KBC, you can choose between two types of current account: a Basic or a Plus Account. Our Basic Account lets you bank for free. Our Plus Account gives you a number of added extras that will cost you just 2.5 euros a month once you turn 25. Which one suits you best is up to you. If you decide to switch account, however, you can do it in a snap.

Check out the benefits of our current accounts

  KBC Basic Account KBC Plus Account
Cost Free of charge 2.50 euros/month
Credit card From 1 euro/month extra
Second debit card 0.50 euros/month
Personalised debit card 16 euros
Cash withdrawals in euros at other banks in Europe 0.50 euros/transaction
Cash withdrawals in euros at counters 1.50 euros/transaction
Online banking
Free service available through KBC Mobile: digital safe

Prefer to keep the account you have now?

Then you don't have to do a thing. You'll get to keep your account number, debit card and all the services that you have at present.

Prefer to switch account?

If you'd like to switch to or from a Basic or Plus Account, make sure you do so at least one month before your birthday.

Switching account with KBC Touch

Switching to another account is easy using KBC Touch.

All you have to do is

  • Log in to KBC Touch
  • Select the account you want to change
  • Select the ‘Account profile’ tab
  • Hit 'change' next to 'Account Type'
  • Press the blue button to switch to or from a Basic or Plus Account

Saving for a pension with a guaranteed return

Enjoy tax benefits as you save for retirement with a KBC Home & Pension Plan pension savings insurance policy. Learn more now.

Cancellation of contract

Saving or investing for a child, grandchild or godchild

You want to put some money aside for a a child, grandchild or godchild, but is it better to save or invest?

Estates experts

At KBC, you have a whole team assisting you in winding up the banking and insurance affairs after the death of your loved one.
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