What's the ultimate relationship test?

Opening a joint account!

What's the ultimate relationship test?

Opening a joint account!

Find out who's been shopping (secretly)

Check your joint income and expenditure online, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Transfer money in real time

Spent more than the agreed amount? Top up the shortfall right away! All transfers between KBC accounts are real-time.

Two debit cards

Two debit cards make it easy to sort out joint outgoings like the weekly shop. Or go shopping separately if you prefer.

The ultimate relationship test

You've just started living together or are still living separately but want to take things to the next level. A joint account will show you right away if you're an ideal 'match' financially!

Forewarned is forearmed…

De ultieme relatietest: gezamenlijke rekening


  • Jan buys that expensive festival ticket with the last funds on your joint account.
  • Julie is left red-faced at the supermarket checkout with a trolley full of food.


De ultieme relatietest: gemeenschappelijke rekening
  • Sam thinks he spends far too much on his new hobby and secretly takes away his debit card.
  • Peter wants to withdraw money at the ATM, can't find his debit card and withdraws cash with his phone instead! Nice try dear!


Gezamenlijke rekening is een relatietest
  • Marie wants to put money aside for emergencies.
  • Marc wants to borrow online to buy the latest voice-activated HD flat screen TV. But he can't do that because she needs to co-sign the loan. Nice try dude!


Gemeenschappelijke rekening: de ultieme relatietest?
  • Lisa gone on a shopping spree and spent more than agreed.
  • Sander can’t go on that short ski break he'd planned with his mates.


Free of charge for under-25s

Joint accounts for young people under 25 are free of charge without a credit card.

Over 25? The cost of a KBC Plus Account depends on which credit card you choose:

How do I open a joint account?

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