Accident with no dispute, or claim on comprehensive insurance

Accident with no dispute, or claim on comprehensive insurance

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on claims handling. This information under no circumstances replaces the policy conditions. Naturally, this summary cannot cover every possible scenario. If you have more specific questions, please contact your KBC insurance agent. 

Been in an uncontested accident or need to claim under comprehensive insurance?

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1. Your complaint and the consequences of your claim

Who do I make a claim to?

You can always contact your KBC insurance agent in order to make your claim. They will go through the initial steps of the claims process with you. If necessary, they will have the damage to your vehicle assessed by an automotive expert.

If you are unable to contact your agent straight away, get in touch with our call centre on +32 (0) 16 24 24 24 (service available 24/7).

If your vehicle can no longer be driven after an accident, you should contact 24+ immediately. They will have your vehicle towed away as soon possible, and will offer any additional assistance for which you are eligible.

Why do I need to complete a European Accident Statement when a police report has already been drawn up? Do I still need to submit the police interview report?

Even when the police visit the scene of the accident, it is advisable to complete a European Accident Statement together with the other party. A correctly completed European Accident Statement will speed up the claim settlement process. If you subsequently receive the police interview report, send it to your KBC insurance agent.

I have had an accident involving my vehicle abroad. How is the claim settled?

Have you taken out travel insurance? Then get in touch with our assistance helpline on +32 (0) 16 24 24 24. One of our staff members will be there to help you with a number of issues including assistance with the repatriation of your vehicle and/or passenger(s) and urgent provisional repairs.

If you are involved in accident abroad, we also advise you to complete the European Accident Statement. This form is identical in every language. The same applies in the event of an accident in Belgium involving a vehicle that is insured abroad.

The legislation of the country where the accident occurred is applied to determine which party is liable. Our team of specialists is experienced in these matters. 

2. Loss assessments and assessor's reports

How is the expert's appraisal carried out? Do I need to be present? Who chooses the expert? Do I need a quote? What if one of the parties disagrees with the loss assessor?

When the loss or damage is very limited (less than 250 euros) and the liable opposite party is known, an expert's appraisal is usually not required and a quote will be sufficient. In this case it is best to get in touch with your KBC insurance agent.

If the loss or damage is more extensive, you should get in touch with your KBC insurance agent. They will appoint a loss assessor based on the repairer you selected. You do not need to be present during the expert's appraisal, but you may attend if you so wish. If you are not present, we will assume that you have authorised the repairer to negotiate on your behalf regarding the repair costs.

The process is much quicker when you select one of our network of repairers. You do not need to make a separate appointment for the expert's appraisal. The repairer will take pictures of the damage and will normally be able to settle everything electronically with the loss assessor and with KBC.
If you do not agree with the damage amount determined by the loss assessor, it is best to discuss this with the assessor directly. If you do not reach agreement then you can make a claim on your legal assistance insurance.

If you have not decided where or if you want to have your vehicle repaired, you can opt for a drive-in expert's appraisal. This involves presenting your vehicle for appraisal by an assessor you have chosen from our list. They will carry out the expert's appraisal without the presence of a repairer.

What if the loss assessor declares my vehicle a total loss? What documents do I need to provide?

In the event of a total loss, the loss assessor will request the purchase invoice, your vehicle documents and a VAT statement, as well as the keys and the radio and alarm codes. 

What do 'technical total loss' and 'economic total loss' mean?

Sometimes the damage to a vehicle is so extensive that repair is technically impossible. This is referred to as a 'technical total loss'. In other cases, the vehicle may be technically repairable, but the repair economically unjustifiable. This is called an economic total loss. 

3. Repairing your vehicle

Am I free to choose a repairer for my vehicle? Can I switch to another repairer? When can I have my vehicle repaired?

You are free to choose where you have your vehicle repaired.

KBC Insurance works with a network of repairers. The claims procedure is handled largely electronically, which speeds up the process. If you select one of these repairers, we will handle the claim directly if possible. You will also receive a replacement car while the repairs are being carried out. You can have your vehicle repaired as soon as the expert's appraisal is completed.

You are still free to select a different repairer once the expert's appraisal is complete. However, please be aware that the initial repairer may charge you for the costs and time invested in the damage estimate. We will not pay these costs, since they are the result of your choice and are not part of the claim.

Do you have a comprehensive insurance policy? If so, a repairable vehicle may sometimes still be declared a total loss based on the contract conditions of your comprehensive policy. In almost all total loss situations involving All Risks Comprehensive Insurance, the compensation is much higher than the compensation you would receive from the other party. 

Am I obliged to have my vehicle repaired? What if I decide to buy another vehicle?

You are not obliged to have your vehicle repaired. If you decide to buy another vehicle to replace the damaged vehicle, you will receive the compensation the loss assessor has estimated for the repairs.

What about urgent or provisional repairs?

If the damage to your vehicle requires provisional repairs in order for you to be able to continue using it until the final repairs are carried out, then you should inform the repairer and the loss assessor about this. Retain receipts for any expenses, as these can be included in the assessor's report if the loss assessor approves the costs involved.

4. Your compensation

When will I receive my compensation? What deductible applies?

KBC pays compensation depending on whether we decide to settle the claim and on whether the loss or damage has been conclusively determined.

We will decide whether or not we can compensate the damage very soon after receiving the accident declaration. For this purpose, it is essential that we are provided with all the information required. A properly completed accident statement is therefore very important. We will inform you of the decision on settlement by email or post, depending on your chosen communication channel.

If we decide to settle the claim, we will pay the compensation following completion of the expert's appraisal. In most cases, compensation is paid immediately and automatically if we know your bank account number.

If you selected one of our repairers, we will pay the compensation directly to the repairer.

The deductible is the amount that you have to pay. It is specified in the policy conditions, and depends on the cover under which you are claiming (e.g. deductible in the case of comprehensive insurance) or on the policy conditions (e.g. deductible for young drivers). 

Why do I need to complete a VAT declaration? Do I need to submit a repair invoice?

If you are liable to VAT and you have your vehicle repaired, you may be able to recover some or all of the VAT for the repair costs. In order to determine whether you are eligible, we will ask you to complete a VAT declaration.
Specific rules apply with comprehensive insurance

  • If the vehicle is repaired, we only pay the non-recoverable VAT once the repair invoice is submitted
  • In the event of a total loss, the VAT recovery system at the time the vehicle was purchased applies

The invoice
Since you are not obliged to have your vehicle repaired, you are not obliged to submit a repair invoice either.
Do you have a comprehensive insurance policy? Then you must be able to produce the repair invoice in order to receive the non-recoverable VAT.
In certain situations you will also be entitled to compensation for loss of use, for example when a third party is liable for the damage and you are not given a replacement vehicle while the damaged vehicle is being repaired by one of our repairers. The repair invoice is also required for this purpose. 

Does KBC pay the repairer directly or do I have to pay an advance?

If you selected a repairer from our network of repairers and we decide to settle the claim, we will pay the repairer directly. However, you will need to pay any deductibles, as well as the non-recoverable VAT. If you have your vehicle repaired by your own repairer (who is not part of our network), you will need to pay the costs in advance (if they have not already been paid by the liable party).

Who pays the towing expense for my vehicle? And am I entitled to a replacement car?

Towing expense
If you have All Risks Comprehensive Insurance or Assistance Insurance with us, we will compensate the towing expense if your vehicle can no longer be driven after an accident.
In certain other situations, basic towing after a traffic accident is also covered if you have third-party liability insurance. It is therefore always advisable to call our assistance helpline on +32 (0) 16 24 24 24.

Replacement vehicle
If your vehicle can no longer be driven and you have taken out assistance insurance, a replacement vehicle will be made available to you for a period of 7 days after the accident.
If you do not have assistance insurance, but you are having your vehicle repaired by one of our repairers, a replacement vehicle will be made available to you free of charge for the duration of the repair work. In this case, you will receive no compensation for loss of use.

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