How much does it cost to be a student?

How much does it cost to be a student?

Studying costs money, as every parent of a child at university or college will know. To start with, the registration fees take a big chunk out of the budget. When you add in the cost of a student room and a weekly budget for food, drink and entertainment, the price quickly runs up to a few thousand euros a year. We map out the various expenses and explain what a personal loan could mean for you in this regard.

Should you live in a hall of residence?

Wat kost een student

It goes without saying that renting accommodatio can considerably increase the overall cost of studying. You should account for around 300 to 600 euros per month depending on the type of accommodation you choose, as a room in a hall of residence, or 'peda', is cheaper than a fully furnished studio. A peda is a student residence containing a number of student flats or bedrooms and run either by a private individual or by the educational authorities. You should definitely ask the university or college for the terms and conditions. Nowadays, many students also choose to live with other students in a house or flatshare, as it's often cheaper to divide the rent among three or four students than it is to rent three separate studios. Some parents even decide to invest in a student house or flat of this kind themselves. Once their own children have graduated they can then rent this property out to subsequent generations of students, or simply sell it on.

College or university?

Wat kost studeren

Whether your child studies at a college or a university, the registration fee will depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • the type of study contract (diploma, credit or examination contract)
  • the number of credits included in the course
  • the student's status (whether or not they are entitled to an educational grant)

Some students are entitled to an educational grant. That means their registration fees are lower than those of a student who is not entitled to a grant. All the criteria and rates relating to educational grants can be found on the Living in Brussels website.


Studying abroad

The days when studying abroad was more the exception than the rule are well behind us. Nowadays, the majority of students 'go on Erasmus', as it is known. The European Erasmus programme offers students the chance to take part of their course in another country of the European Union and to have an unforgettable experience abroad in the process. Naturally, studying abroad also comes at a price, so you should definitely look into whether your child is entitled to an Erasmus grant.

Aim high: what does an MBA cost?

Students who want to develop their leadership skills often feel drawn to further study in the form of an MBA (Master of Business Administration), the ticket to a successful career in the business world. Unfortunately, that ticket doesn't come cheap. An MBA in Belgium – at the Antwerp Management School or Vlerick Business School, for example – will cost you between 30,000 and 40,000 euros. It can even cost up to 65,000 euros at certain prestigious foreign universities.

Loans to cover study expenses

Both working students with a fixed income who want to finance their own studies and parents who want to help their children spread the cost of study can turn to KBC for a personal loan. This is a consumer credit which you repay in fixed monthly instalments. It's ideal if you want to spread the payment of a large sum (such as the costs of a year's studies) over time.

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