Paying abroad

Paying abroad

Whether you'll be in another country for a short or long time, it's always best to have some of the local currency on you to cover small initial expenses when you arrive. Your bank and credit card will also be indispensable to you, so make sure you have them with you too.

Ordering foreign currency

If you're going to a country that's not part of the euro area, it's advisable to have a small amount of that country's currency on you. Already with us? You can order foreign banknotes online using KBC Touch. When you do so, you get to choose the branch where you'd like to collect your order and you're immediately shown the applicable rate and delivery date. You can change the branch from which you collect your currency if you want, so you get it quicker. It usually takes KBC two to three business days to deliver your order to your chosen branch.

Alternatively, just ask one of our staff at your usual branch to order the foreign currency you need for you.

Make sure you order enough smaller-denomination banknotes, so you'll always have more or less the right amount on you when you go to pay for something at the beginning of your trip.

If the exchange rate for the currency of the country you're going to tends to be volatile and you're planning to take a lot of cash with you, it may be worthwhile converting your euros to the currency of your destination in advance when there's a good exchange rate. One way to do this is to open a foreign currency account with KBC. You can then withdraw the foreign currency you need a few days before you leave and may benefit from a better exchange rate.

Withdrawing cash with your bank card

Within Europe

countries where you can use your KBC bank card without restriction as standard

Paying by bank card is preferable to taking large amounts of cash with you. So, if you're heading abroad, be sure to take your KBC Bank Card with you. In Europe, you can withdraw cash and pay for things using your bank card at any ATM displaying the Maestro logo. Your card lets you do this as standard.

See the countries where you can use your KBC Bank Card without restriction as standard.

Outside of Europe

If you want to be able to withdraw cash or pay using your bank card outside Europe, you'll need to temporarily enable your card for worldwide use.

You can do this yourself using KBC Touch or you can ask the staff at your branch to do it for you. If the branch is closed for business, contact KBC Live and the staff there will do the necessary. Once your card has been activated for use outside Europe, it can be used immediately.

Remember that you'll only be able to withdraw cash from ATMs displaying the Maestro logo.

Withdrawing cash with your credit card or prepaid card

A big advantage of KBC credit cards and KBC Prepaid Cards is that they can be used worldwide. It's only when you travel to the US that you have to take additional measures to ensure that you can use your card there..

We let you easily activate your KBC credit card and/or your KBC Prepaid Card online for use in the US before you leave. You can do this permanently if you're a regular visitor there, or temporarily for the duration of your trip. Any changes you make will take immediate effect.

If you don't have access to KBC Touch, contact your KBC branch or KBC Live.


  • Are you staying in Europe? It's best to limit where you can use your KBC credit card and/or KBC Prepaid Card to that geographic area. You can do this easily online.
  • Ensure your credit card remains valid for the duration of your trip abroad by checking the expiry date on the front of it.

Paying with your credit card or prepaid card

As standard, you can use your credit or prepaid card to pay anywhere in the world except the US. To pay there, you must first activate your card for worldwide use.

If you don't have access to the KBC online banking service, contact your KBC bank branch or KBC Live (outside your branch's opening hours).


  • If you don't activate your credit card or prepaid card for use in the US before you leave, you'll only be able to use it there for transactions using your PIN, such as cash withdrawals.
  • On a cruise ship, there's nothing quite as handy as being able to pay by credit card. If you're heading off on a cruise, don't forget to activate your card for use in the US as cruise ships often sail under the American flag  and collect payments through a US network. So, even if they're not sailing in US waters, US rules will apply and you'll need to have activated your card for worldwide use.
  • Car rental companies with a US parent company also frequently collect card payments made to them through a US network. So, if you're renting a car, it's also advisable to activate your credit card for use in the US. Car rental companies rarely accept prepaid cards.

Finding ATMs that accept your card?

The Visa, MasterCard and Maestro websites all have an ATM Locator that lets you find ATMs where you can use your card.

telefoonnummer Card Stop

If your bank card, credit card or prepaid card is lost or stolen, you should call Card Stop immediately on 070 344 344 (when in Belgium) or + 32 70 344 344 (when abroad). Your card will be stopped immediately to prevent misuse. Card Stop can be contacted at any time. In addition, advise your KBC branch as soon as possible, and make sure the police draw up an official report if your card is stolen.

The KBC Silver Credit Card and KBC Gold Credit Card are credit cards issued by: KBC Bank NV, with registered office at Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, Belgium, VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels, FSMA 026256 A.

KBC Flex Budget is an open-ended credit facility linked to the KBC Silver Credit Card, KBC Gold Credit Card or KBC Platinum Credit Card and used as an additional means for drawing credit.

Lender and credit card issuer: KBC Bank NV. Subject to your card or credit application being approved by KBC Bank NV.

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