Paying online

Paying online

We are increasingly reliant on the internet these days. Web stores are springing up everywhere and their ranks are swelling all the time. Just a couple of clicks or taps is all it takes for us to drop some new clothes, tickets or travels into our virtual shopping basket and pay for them online by card. But what is the right way to do it? And is it really secure? 

Which online stores can I use it in?

De verschillende betaalmethoden om te betalen op het internet

We offer a range of ways to pay through us online, so you'll be able to use at least one of your KBC payment cards in virtually all online stores. This includes websites that display the following logos

Paying online by Maestro or Bancontact

What you need

  • Your debit card
  • Your card reader 

How to proceed

  1. Click the appropriate logo (Bancontact/Mister Cash or Maestro)
  2. Enter your card number
  3. Enter the expiry date of your debit card
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your payment using your debit card and card reader
  5. A few seconds later you will return to the web store
  6. The amount will be debited immediately from your account and the payment will appear on your account statements as an  internet transaction ‘internet’

KBC Touch and KBC Mobile give you a virtually real-time, at-a-glance view of your online purchase transactions and how they influence your current account. 

Paying online by Visa or Mastercard

What you need

  • Your credit or prepaid card
  • Your card reader (some online stores let you pay without one) 

How to proceed

online betalen met visa


  1. Select the Mastercard or Visa logo
  2. Enter the card number of your credit card or prepaid card
  3. Enter the expiry date
  4. Insert your credit or prepaid card into your card reader. If a card reader is not required, you will be asked to enter the three-digit security code (CVC) on the back of your card
  5. Confirmation of payment will appear on your screen

With our KBC Gold Credit Card or KBC Platinum Credit Card, you can insure your online purchases against incorrect delivery, non-delivery or damage.

Paying online using the KBC Payment Button

Paying with KBC Touch on your PC or tablet

  1. Select the KBC Payment Button as the means of payment
  2. Select the card reader and current account you're using to pay
  3. KBC Touch will show you payment details for what you're buying online. 
  4. Generate the response code using your debit card and card reader (computer) or confirm payment using your PIN (tablet)
  5. Your payment will be confirmed

Paying with KBC Mobile on your smartphone

  1. Tap the Payment Button logo
  2. Select KBC Mobile for smartphone
  3. This will launch the KBC Mobile app
  4. The payment details will appear in the app
  5. Confirm payment by entering your PIN  
  6. Confirmation of payment will appear on your smartphone

Pay later

If you select 'Buy now and pay later', KBC will advance the purchase amount in your account and the seller will be paid immediately. The amount is then automatically debited from your account up to two months after you buy. You can do this for amounts of between 50 and 1 250 euros. Deferred payment is not available to minors or individuals who hold power of attorney.

Tip: if you defer your payment, always make sure there are sufficient funds in your account on your selected date. That way, you avoid going overdrawn and having to pay debit interest until your account is back in credit.

Pay safely and securely online

While paying online by card should be secure, that's not to say that you shouldn't still be wary. 

  • Keep your codes secret. They are the key that unlocks your money.
  • Watch out for suspicious behaviour. We will always use the same way to authorise payment orders. So watch out if something suddenly changes from what you're used to.
  • Check your payment order details. Ensure that things like the total amount and the beneficiary's account number are correct.
  • Make sure your computer and smartphone are  well protected.
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