Socially responsible investment. The right return all round.

For you, society and the environment.

Socially responsible investment. The right return all round.

For you, society and the environment.

Do you want to invest in a socially responsible manner? No problem!

socially responsible investment

You care for the world around you. You care for yourself and for others, now and in generations to come. You want everyone to have a bright future. You want to invest, but not in just anything.
Socially responsible investments have a positive influence on every aspect of the environment and society. You invest in companies and countries that have been put through a strict selection procedure. They each have socially responsible goals, have already earned their stripes, think with an eye for the future and are transparent in communicating on what progress they're making.

Socially responsible investing is a conscious choice

  • You want not only a financial return but also to invest in creating a better society.
  • You want a world that is habitable for you, other people and the next generations.
  • You're looking for investments that are accord with your own values.

It's worth it. For everybody.

Green investments

When you make a socially responsible investment, you're investing in a better society and seeking to make a positive return.  Both internal and external studies show that, in the long term, you can expect a socially responsible investment to generate a return that's in line with the market and need not be below that on similar, 'classic' investment funds.

That's because sustainable companies and countries deliver quality. They have a strong, clear long-term vision and consider things carefully before taking decisions. As an investor, you can reap the benefits of that.

6 reasons for socially responsible investing with KBC

1. Independent experts

We work together with independent experts. We make sure that your socially responsible investments are truly sustainable and that they stay that way.

2. Strict selection procedure

Our selection of countries and companies is based on a strict selection process and a thorough sustainability screening. 

3. Transparency

We give clear information about the results of our sustainability screenings.

4. Wide range of funds

We offer a wide range of socially responsible investment funds from which you can make your selection. Our approach breaks down into three categories, each with its own sustainability policy: You can choose from Best-in-Class funds, Impact Investing funds and Theme funds. 

5. KBC leads the way

KBC has a long tradition of socially responsible investment, dating back to 1992, when we were the first financial institution in Belgium to launch a socially responsible investment fund. Since then, we've built up considerable know-how and experience, and continue to innovate to this day. 

6. KBC is a socially responsible bank-insurer

Sustainability is a thread running through our organisation. To find out all about it, please read our Report to society.

Experts share their vision on socially responsible investing

The 3 categories of our socially responsible investment funds

Make your vote count

Together, we can bring influence to bear on corporate policy.  KBC's socially responsible investment funds have significant shareholdings in a number of companies. At shareholder meetings, we can then engage management in dialogue, urging them not to waver from the goal of taking socially responsible decisions. 

Download our brochure on socially responsible investment (in French)

* The term 'investment fund' refers to a sub-fund of a sicav or open-ended investment company under Belgian or Luxembourg law, or a mutual fund.

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