Free current account

KBC Basic Account

Free current account

KBC Basic Account

Do your routine banking for free

Standard services like online banking, cash withdrawals from KBC ATMs or payment transactions within Europe are totally free of charge.

Bank anywhere

You can manage your Basic Account right from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Get your account number immediately

If you open your current account online, you'll get your account number straight away. You'll receive your bank card by post a few days later.

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Why go for a Basic Account?

If you're looking for a free current account for all your basic banking needs, the KBC Basic Account is a good choice. It lets you:

  • make cash withdrawals at KBC/CBC ATMs
  • bank on your computer, tablet or smartphone 
  • use the included bank card throughout Europe

A young person's account is a better choice if you're under 25. If you want to open a current account but are not officially resident in Belgium, you'll need to go to a KBC Bank branch.


The following standard services are included in your current account free of charge:

  • A bank card for making secure, fast payments in Europe
  • Online banking on your computer and tablet with our KBC Touch app
  • Mobile banking on your smartphone with our KBC Mobile
  • Cash withdrawals at KBC/CBC/KBC Brussels ATMs
  • Banking at KBC/CBC/KBC Brussels ATMs

Get more with our optional add-on services

There are no fixed charges for a KBC Basic Account. You only pay for optional current account services as and when you use them. 

Replacement card reader


Cash withdrawals from ATMs

0.20 euros per transaction

Cash withdrawals (in euros) from other banks within Europe 0,20 euros per transaction

Over-the-counter cash withdrawals

0.35 euros per transaction

Paper-based credit transfers over the counter or via KBC Live

0.50 euros per transaction

If you use a lot of these paid-for add-ons, you might want to consider opening a KBC Basic Account.

Make us your bank

Free current account

If you already have a current account with another bank, but are ready for a change, switch to KBC today. We'll take care of everything for you, free of charge.

If you already have a KBC current account, you can use KBC Touch to switch easily to a different type of KBC account by choosing your current account's icon and opening the account profile. Then all you have to do is select the option to change your account type. You still keep your account number, existing direct debits and automatic savings orders. It's as easy as that. 

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