Stappenplannen KBC Mobile

Stappenplannen KBC Mobile

Kies wat je in KBC Mobile wilt doen en bekijk het stappenplan

Logging into KBC Mobile for the first time

Got a question about getting started with KBC Mobile? Get going with this guide.

Transferring money

No need to drop by your branch or waste time at the ATM. Transfer money from now on using your smartphone.

Modifying daily or weekly limits for your bank card

Decide yourself how much you can withdraw per day or per week at an ATM, or how much you can spend on your bank card.

How to apply for travel insurance

How do you apply for travel insurance? We'll guide you through it in just a few steps.

Updating software

KBC Mobile does not work on all software versions. If you want to keep using the app, follow these step-by-step instructions.