7 useful tips for your KBC Mobile

7 useful tips for your KBC Mobile

With KBC Mobile, you always have your bank in your pocket. But we want to make your life even easier with these tips.

  1. Pay with your smartphone in your favourite (online) shop. There's no need for a card reader – just a simple QR code.
  2. Do you want to show the app to your friends? You can launch a demo on the app without having to log in first.
  3. Forgotten your bank card? Don't worry – you can withdraw money from any ATM at a %%bank1%% or CBC branch. Free Wi-Fi is available in all %%bank1%% and CBC branches for this purpose.
  4. Are you travelling abroad, or do you want to buy something online with your credit card? As of 1 December 2015, you can activate and manage all your bank cards via your smartphone.           
  5. Check the balance in your current account at a glance using your smartwatch. Any messages you receive on your smartphone will appear here too.
  6. View and pay invoices for KBC insurance policies as well as invoices presented to you in Zoomit using your KBC Mobile. Once paid, they disappear from the overview.
  7. KBC Mobile is available for iOS, Android and Windows. 

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