Check your medical data in KBC Mobile, even if you don’t have a KBC account

  • KBC cannot access this information
  • Includes lab results, reports, prescriptions and vaccination certificates
  • Quick, safe and secure access with the itsme® app
  • No KBC Current Account necessary
Go to KBC Mobile in KBC Mobile

Helena gives you quick and easy access to your medical data, such as lab results, reports, prescriptions and vaccination certificates, which you can see right from KBC Mobile. Useful if you have to show a vaccination certificate when travelling abroad. 

Your medical data is securely stored

Only you can access your medical file and no data is shared with KBC. You can also log in securely using itsme®.

What do you need?

  • An Internet connection
  • KBC Mobile
  • itsme®

How does it work?

  1. Open KBC Mobile, log in and select ‘Additional services
  2. Tap the ‘Helena’ tile, then ‘Go to Helena’ and ‘Log in for free’
  3. Follow the steps to create a profile
  4. Now log in to Helena from our Mobile app using itsme®
Go to Helena in KBC Mobile