Pension saving

Pension saving

Begin saving for retirement

Save up to 30% in tax each year.

Start saving for retirement on your smartphone

Starting your retirement savings is a breeze with KBC Mobile. See how to easily open a pension pension savings fund in no time.

Pension savings fund

A pension savings fund invests in shares and bonds. You can expect to achieve a higher return in the long term, but there is some risk involved.

Pension savings insurance plan

Saving for your pension? A pension savings insurance plan gives you a fixed return.

Everything you need to know about saving for your pension

Saving for a pension with a guaranteed return

Enjoy tax benefits as you save for retirement with a KBC Home & Pension Plan pension savings insurance policy. Learn more now.

KBC Home & Long-Term Plan

A tidy little nest egg of a pension, with tax relief.

Socially responsible pension saving*

7.6 billion reasons to choose socially responsible pension saving

Pension saving in 2021: choice between 2 tax limits

What is the maximum you can put away in your pension savings scheme in 2021? Find out which amount gives you the best tax break and get more savings tips.