Regular drivers

Being on your parents' car insurance has its advantages!

Regular drivers

Being on your parents' car insurance has its advantages!

Just got your full driving licence?

With textbook three-point turns, perfect parallel parking and all the rest of your driving test smoothly behind you, it's a great feeling to finally have your driving licence. The next thing you'll want to get is your own car to go with it. However, you may still want to keep driving your parents' car for another while as your own set of wheels means a lot of extra costs like buying it for a start, running it and not forgetting insuring it.

All worries for later you might think. Think again, as looking towards the future now could save you money. Ask to be named as a driver on your parents' car insurance today and reap the benefits tomorrow. More driving experience means you’ll get your own car insurance for less when the time comes.

Do you drive regularly?

If you often use your parents' car like every weekend or for commuting to where you're studying, you're a regular user of their car. That means you need to get named as a regular or usual driver under their car insurance to make sure you're properly insured from the outset.

Pay less later

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If you've already been insured under our KBC Start2Drive cover, you'll know all about the great benefits it gives you as a provisional licence holder. Those benefits last two years, but that doesn't mean to say they all have to disappear afterwards. You'll likely have been regularly driving and building up driving experience under your parents' car insurance, which could earn you a higher no-claims bonus* later. Switch to your first car insurance under your own name after having regularly driven under your parents' car insurance and pay less!

Driving accident-free is of course even better for your no-claims bonus. Get our KBC DriveSafe app to guide you in your early days behind the wheel and help you become an even better driver.

* The bonus is a discount you receive to reward you for claim-free driving. The discount applies to the premium you pay for your car insurance. If you are liable for a claim, your premium may go up as a result.

Over to your parents

How it works couldn't be easier. Just ask your parents to contact their branch or insurance agency to have you named as a driver under their current car insurance with us. The premium will then cost a little more, but you'll be well insured on the road and it'll benefit you later when it comes to getting your own first car insurance.


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