Periodic investment: easier than you might think

Open an investment plan in KBC Mobile

Periodic investment: easier than you might think

Open an investment plan in KBC Mobile

Want to get more from your savings? Periodic investing could generate a higher return than a savings account. At fixed intervals you will deposit a set amount by standing order in order to buy shares and/or bonds in an investment fund.

KBC makes periodic investing easy

At KBC periodic investing is so simple you can do it on your smartphone. In KBC Mobile you can open an investment plan with a few clicks whenever and wherever you want. Prefer some advice first? In Mobile you will receive investment advice that is wholly geared to yourself and your budget, and we guide you step by step. 

Periodic investing: the advantages

1. You take full advantage of price fluctuations

The best moment to buy shares and/or bonds? Even seasoned investors often get things wrong. Periodic investment means that you will be buying at various favourable moments. And what if prices fall? In that case you will be buying more units in that month for the same amount. In this way you make greater profits when prices start to rise again.

2. You automatically reinvest your proceeds and build up a bigger capital

Periodic investment means that you opt not to have your annual proceeds paid out. Instead you automatically by new shares or bonds. The amount of your proceeds is on top of the sums you pay in each month. The earlier you start with periodic investing, the greater your final capital.

3. You make monthly payments

In order to invest periodically you can open an investment plan in KBC Mobile. You will then automatically opt for monthly payments. You decide how much you want to deposit each time, starting from 25 euros. On top of that you benefit from the flexibility. Amending the amount, temporarily halting payments and then starting up again and selling straight away: all these are possible.

4. Don't be guided by your emotions

'Prices are continuing to fall. I'll sell! Ah, they've begun rising again for a while. I'll add some more!' When it comes to investing, emotional decisions often work out wrongly. For generally you tend to buy just before prices ease and sell just before the pick up again. Periodic investing means that you don't fall into this trap.

5. You don't have to do anything yourself

Do you want to set up periodic investing under an investment plan? That way you will benefit in full from the convenience. For thanks to an investment plan everything is done automatically. You let us work for you. Checking where the market is every day? No need. Our investment experts do that for you.

Open an investment plan on the basis of personal advice

Do you still feel a bit afraid about investing? In KBC Mobile you will receive personal advice from us and we guide you step by step. We look at how much you know about investing, how much experience you already have and how much risk you are prepared to take. On that basis we make a proposal that we consider will work best for you, your family and your budget: saving, pension savings or investing. Or a combination. We will then immediately propose a plan.

  • You will receive 100% personalised advice.
  • On the basis of your budget you will receive a financially optimal proposal. That will cover saving and pension saving as well.
  • Won over by our proposal? You can open an investment plan straight away.
  • And all that in no more than 15 minutes.

Or open your investment plan straight away

Already know what you want and wish to open an investment plan straight away? In KBC Mobile you can do so in just a few clicks. The plan and the associated investment account will be free of charge.

Don't yet have KBC Mobile?

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Why should you invest?

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