Our investment strategy explained

Our investment strategy explained

KBC keeps its finger on the pulse of the financial markets in order to build the best possible investment portfolio for you. The KBC investment strategy offers a concise overview of the current financial and economic climate and the resulting investment decisions.  

The KBC Investment Strategy in brief


How do we see the world?


  • After a solid first quarter, world growth slows to its lowest pace since 2009.

Oil price and inflation

  • Oil market equilibrium in 2019; prices fairly stable.
  • In the US, underlying inflation remains around the 2% target.
  • In the EU, still very low.

Central banks and bond market

  • Normalisation of interest-rate policy is being halted (US) or postponed (ECB).


  • Trade disputes and Brexit remain key risks.

Stock markets and valuations

  • Equity valuations remain attractive, but weaker fundamentals are a concern.
  • Bonds are very expensive, but interest-rate normalisation now on back-burner.

What are we doing in the portfolios?

Asset allocation?

  • Shares slightly below their benchmark level: economic recovery and earnings growth and clarity about risks are necessary to build up positions.

Which preferences within the share component?

  • Preference for the US, with highest level of growth.
  • High dividends as a solid basis.
  • Water exhibits long-term growth potential.

What about bonds and cash?

  • Preference for cash over bonds.
  • Safe government bonds as stabiliser.
  • Return sought by investing in high-interest bonds.

How can you keep up to date?

Monthly video

Each month, a Dutch video is published that gives a clear view of the economic and financial markets. A specialist discusses any changes in strategy and goes through the investment decisions for the month in question.

KBC Invest

KBC Invest is the ideal desktop or tablet app for keeping tabs on your assets and investments.

It gives you an up-to-date and detailed view at all times of how much your investment portfolio is worth, how it is made up and how it is performing. It is also very user-friendly, easy to navigate and enhanced with clear graphs.

Never miss an event again that is of importance for your investment portfolio
. We will alert you when new opportunities arise or when an investment reaches maturity.

Focus and theme sheets

In search of promising investment opportunities or looking to place a certain emphasis in your investment portfolio? The focus areas below provide near-term investment opportunities and the themes identify opportunities for the longer term.

Short-term focuses

Medium-term themes

Advisory texts

Our latest insights into various investment topics are given below. Use them to your benefit.

Asset classes

Bond markets

Bond themes

Regions and stock markets

Sectors and stock markets

Themes and stock markets

Alternative investments

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