Your digital filing cabinet


Your digital filing cabinet

Keep everything in one place

Store your documents online in a single location and conveniently organise and manage them your way with Doccle.

Pay bills easily

Select ‘pay now’ to enter your familiar KBC environment and pay bills right from Doccle.

Quick access to Doccle from KBC Touch

Tap or click 'Doccle Connect' in KBC Touch to access Doccle. That's all there is to it.

What is Doccle?

Doccle is basically a digital filing cabinet. It lets you store and manage all your documents from various participating partners online. These can range from energy bills to certificates for your tax return.

Do more with Doccle

  • Receive and store all kinds of documents online like energy bills, credit card billing statements or home loan-related documents
  • Manage your documents using categories to organise your filing and upload documents of your own to your Doccle archive
  • Make instant payments right from Doccle by selecting 'pay now' to enter your familiar KBC environment (like KBC Touch) and pay your bills, including when you're on the go (without needing your card reader)


Get the Doccle app for your tablet and smartphone and take your digital filing cabinet with you wherever you go.

How do I get access to Doccle?

If you have KBC Touch

Connecting to Doccle for the first time

  1. Log in to KBC Touch
    IMPORTANT: Are you a customer from KBC Brussels? Then log in to KBC Brussels Touch
  2. Select ‘Profile’ at the top right
  3. Hit ‘Communication preferences’ at the bottom left
  4. Press the ‘Doccle Connect’ button
  5. Start using your Doccle account connected to ours

If you’ve already connected your Doccle account to ours, go straight to the Doccle website.

You've now added us on Doccle and can start receiving documents from us that way.

If you don't yet use KBC Touch

  • Pop into your KBC Bank branch and ask for your personal access codes (tokens)
  • Visit to create an account and use your tokens to connect to us on Doccle

Learn more

Visit or contact us for more details. We'll be happy to help.

We're here to help

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