The benefits of having your salary paid into an account at KBC

The benefits of having your salary paid into an account at KBC

Seeing your salary appear on your account every month gives a warm feeling of satisfaction. And rightly so!

Have your salary paid into an account at KBC and enjoy a whole range of benefits, such as those outlined in the situations below.

Make life easy for yourself

Taking the train to Antwerp and then cycling from the station to the Kinepolis cinema complex on a shared bike would entail having to buy a train ticket, renting a shared bike and then buying a cinema ticket.

Too much hassle? Well it's not when you use the ‘Additional services’ in the KBC Mobile app. It's a good job you've got a steady income coming in each month to pay for it all!

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Treat yourself to a little extra

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Earn tidy discounts with Kate Coins*! If you buy something from one of our partners and pay using your current account, your cashback rewards will be credited to that account automatically. Talk about a nice bonus!

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Pay the easy way

You're feeling generous during a night out and decide to treat your friends. It's amazing what a pay rise can come in handy for. Let's raise a glass to that! But … you suddenly discover you've left your debit card at home. No need to panic. Mobile Cash lets you withdraw money using your smartphone at any KBC ATM. Nice one!

And even if you're not paying for the round, splitting the bill is a breeze. Get paid back quickly and easily with Mobile Pay – without a card or card reader in sight.

Get a preferential rate

Feel the time is right to buy an apartment or house, but need to take out a loan to pay for it? Having your salary paid into a KBC account means you qualify for a discount on your loan. Bring on that housewarming party!

Get Kate to help

If you're keen on saving time and money, be sure to get acquainted with Kate, our digital assistant in KBC Mobile. Whether you want to buy a train, tram or bus ticket, pull up your certificate of insurance on your phone or find out if your salary has been paid into your account, Kate will be happy to help out.

Kate can also take the initiative and contact you to tell you when you can save, for instance, on your insurance or your energy bill. Why pay more when you can pay less? Learn more about Kate’s ‘proactive’ services (in French).

Over 1 000 000 customers have installed KBC Mobile and enjoy the benefits it offers every day. Feel like joining them?

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By opting for ‘personalised’ commercial offers in KBC Mobile, you can receive or earn Kate Coins from participating partners. Info and T&Cs at