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Can you get a grant or other financial support to help you while studying?

Can you get a grant or other financial support to help you while studying?

The financial aspect can loom large for students. Enrolment fees, course costs, possibly a student room: the total can mount up. A decent MBA programme or studying abroad also costs a packet. So a little financial support is always helpful. We've set out the possibilities below.

Financial support from your college or university

Applying for financial support from your college or university

There’s a chance that you could receive financial support from your college or university. You can, for instance:

  • Get a special student bursary
  • Get interest-free advances on your grant
  • Spread the payment of your course fees

Conditions for a college or university bursary

The conditions vary depending on the institution. Make an appointment with the student welfare department and ask for more information.

Student grants and loans from the government

Flemish Community

According to the website, one young person in four is entitled to a student grant from the Flemish Regional Government. A grant is a form of subsidy, which means you don’t have to pay it back.

Do you qualify for a grant? It depends on your income and your family situation. Your nationality and education also play a role.

French Community

In a number of instances in the French Community of Belgium, you can qualify for a grant for secondary and higher education. Not entitled to a grant? In that case, your parents can apply for a French Community student loan on your behalf, which you repay with interest.

German-speaking Community

Are you planning to study in the German-speaking Community of Belgium? If so, you are also entitled to a grant in a number of cases. You can apply for the French Community’s student loans too.

Combining your student loan with a part-time job

You can also combine your subsidies or loans with a part-time job. It is perfectly feasible to work and study, provided you stick to the rules.

Studying abroad

Flemish Community

Applying for a bursary to study abroad

Planning to study abroad? In certain cases, you can receive a bursary from the Flemish Community.

There are several conditions, however:

  • The course must not exist in Flanders
  • The local government must recognise both the relevant institution and qualification
  • The course and the institution must contribute to the development of the academic discipline

You also have to meet one of these conditions:

  • Your main residence is in the Flemish Region
  • You have obtained a certificate of secondary or higher education from the Flemish Community

Good to know: you can also apply for a mobility grant from the Flemish Regional Government.

The French and the German-speaking Community

The French and the German-speaking Communities also have various programmes for study, research or education abroad.

Apply for an Erasmus grant

In certain cases, you can also apply for an Erasmus grant to study abroad.

Funding an MBA

Are you planning to develop your leadership talents? If so, a Master of Business Administration course might be for you. An MBA is the ticket to a successful career in business.

Unfortunately, that ticket doesn’t come cheap. To complete an MBA at the Antwerp Management School or Vlerick Business School, for instance, will set you back between 30 000 and 40 000 euros. At prestigious international universities, such as Stanford, you can pay as much as 65 000 euros.

Fortunately, you can also get a bursary in certain cases for an MBA. Do you want to get your MBA in the United States, for instance? You can apply for a bursary in that case from the Belgian American Educational Foundation.

A personal loan from your bank

Personal loan to fund your studies

Need extra support? KBC offers you the opportunity to fund your studies with a personal loan. You can apply for a loan of this kind online straight away. No income of your own? In that case, your parents will have to apply for the loan for you.

You decide the amount to repay each month yourself. KBC will also link a repayment term with a fixed rate of interest to your loan, so you don’t have to pay any extra costs.

Simulate your personal loan

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Studying abroad

Remember to sort these things out before your foreign adventure.

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