KBC supports schools

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KBC supports schools

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At KBC, we deal with banking and insurance. That's our thing. But we also sponsor initiatives to do with training and prevention, so we have a great deal in store for teachers and pupils.

Sam the Traffic Snake

This interactive game was specially developed to encourage parents and children to make their way to school in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. All schools can jooin in, big and small, pre-schools and primary schools. So make sure you take part!

During the campaign week your pupils will stick a dot on the Sam the Traffic Snake banner, if they come to school in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. In addition to the campaign material KBC will also supply 50 hi-vis vests for each school.

www.verkeersslang.be (Dutch only)


Are you a teacher in secondary education? Are you keen to focus on financial education during lessons, too? If so, we have good news.

KBC and Skillville have joined forces to bring you an interesting offer. We have a whole load of codes that you can use to get free access to Skillville.

This online tool was developed in collaboration with Limburg Catholic University College, with particular emphasis on financial education (social security, student jobs, phishing, tax-on-web, etc.). Other subjects, such as politics, news and prevention will also be added.

For each year group there are ready-made teaching packs that:

  • respond to an active style of teaching
  • focus on participation, skills and exercises
  • will help your pupils to reach their interdisciplinary final attainment level

Interested? Apply for your free access code at www.kbc.be/skillville (Dutch only).

The KBC Investor Race

Every year KBC organises an ambitious stock market game where you and your pupils can discover what goes on behind the scenes in Wall Street. It's a fun way of getting to know the ins and outs of the floor of the stock exchange, without the risks that real investors run, but still with a chance to win great prizes.

During the game you help each of your pupils to put together their own investment portfolio. On the KBC Investor Race site they can also go through specially devised exercises, to learn about investing in an interactive way. All the documentation ties in seamlessly with the economics curricula and VOET’en (interdisciplinary final attainment levels). If the KBC Investor Race has finished, you will find all the teaching packs on investing on www.kbc.be/scholen (Dutch only).

Driving licence

Are your pupils chomping at the bit to get behind the wheel? Then we'll be happy to help them on their way. On the KBC Drive page a useful short film will tell them all they need to know about how to pass their driving theory test.

The site also features 10 short videos in which the basics of driving a car are explained in detail. And with the convenient KBC Drive app for smartphone and tablet your pupils can do mock exams for their driving theory test. Then they'll be well-prepared for the road ahead!


Do your pupils like music and enjoy hard work? Then StressFactor is for them. They will organise their own music festival at school, with everything that entails. And the stars they want to see on stage? It's up to them to choose!

StressFactor will give you all the information and support you need for you and your pupils to transform your school into a huge festival site, complete with stage, famous national and international artists or bands, and fun sideshows. And all of this will take place in the playground, during school hours.

www.stressfactor.be (Dutch only)

Learning to Invest teaching pack

Who's it for?

This teaching material has been developed for pupils aged 15 and over, in secondary education. The material is intended primarily to supplement the subject of economics or business economics. The teaching pack can also be used as part of the interdisciplinary final attainment level, context 6 Socio-economic society. What's more, the teaching pack can also be used within non-curriculum hours (de vrije ruimte).

Thanks to its broad set-up the material is also suitable for lessons in the context of management and organisation and other economic subjects in higher education.

Lastly, the teaching pack can certainly be used as a basis for individuals who are interested in investing and who would like guidance on the subject.

Contents and method

The teaching pack comprises several modules. Each module starts with the objectives that will be attained. This will allow teachers to make the link with their curriculum objectives. Within the different modules reference is also made to up-to-date material on the website of KBC. The theory will often be explained in more detail using didactic short films.

After each module there is the option to test the knowledge gained, using exercises. The exercises will include knowledge of concepts, applications and multiple-choice questions.


The aim of the course in Learning to Invest is to teach the target group the basic principles and concepts of investment. At the end of the course the user must be able to identify these in daily life. For example, in media like TV news, daily newspapers and the internet. A pupil or user with above-average interest should be able to put together a portfolio at the end of the course and be able to substantiate the choices they have made.


  • KnowledgeBase – Library: divided up into modules with theoretical background on everything related to savings, investments and the stock exchange (Dutch only)
  • KnowledgeBase – Training Room: exercises on theory, also structured on a module basis (Dutch only)
  • A-Z index: with a list of all concepts related to savings, investments and the stock exchange

Out and about with the class

Are you planning an excursion or school trip with your class? Then make sure you contact Omnia Travel. In collaboration with KBC Omnia Travel has worked out a specific range of excursions and school trips abroad. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please e-mail schoolreizen@omniatravel.be or call + 32 9 269 90 61.

schoolreizen.omniatravel.be (Dutch only)

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