KBC Investor Race

KBC Investor Race

The KBC Investor Race is over. Interested to know whether you've won a prize? Then open up the list of winners now!

It shows the final ranking following a check against the game rules.

Find out who the winners are

  • Final ranking -25s
    (pdf - 58,86 KB)
  • Final ranking +25s
    (pdf - 58,50 KB)
  • KBC staff ranking
    (pdf - 55,18 KB)
  • Winner activity price
    (pdf - 55,08 KB)

If you'd like to tell us what you thought of the game, or if you have any tips for improving it, then be sure to send an e-mail to  helpdesk@kbcbeleggerskoers.be. All your ideas are welcome.

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There are currently no details regarding dates for a new edition of the KBC Investor Race. If you have any questions about this matter, feel free to send them to helpdesk@kbcbeleggerskoers.be.