We’re here to help with any damage caused by the severe weather

We’re here to help with any damage caused by the severe weather

Our thoughts go out to the victims and our sincere thanks to all the relief workers for their invaluable efforts. Our colleagues are also here 24/7 to help you with your claim.

How to make a claim

If your home or vehicle has been damaged by the severe weather, make your claim now and we can start helping you straight away.

There are three ways you can make a claim:

  • Make it online in Mobile, Touch or with Kate
  • Ask your insurance agent for assistance
  • Call us any time on + 32 (0) 16 24 24 24

There’s always a KBC insurance agent on hand to guide you through your claim, even if you’ve taken insurance out with us online.

If you have any questions about following up your claim, your insurance agent will be happy to help you. Should you need psychological support, your agent can also refer you to the right service for psychological counselling.

Make your claim in KBC Touch
Make your claim in KBC Mobile

What information do we need from you?

We're happy to help you much as possible, but before we can do that, we'll need a few details:

  • The date of your claim
  • A short description of the damage
  • Photos and any other documents proving the damage

You can easily provide this information using Mobile or Touch. If you prefer, you can provide it directly to your insurance agent or through our call centre on +32 (0) 16 24 24 24.


KBC Home Insurance covers all damage to your home. If you have insured your contents, you will also receive compensation for damage caused to them.

What about your vehicle?

If you have taken out semi-comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance at KBC, you will receive compensation for any damage caused to your vehicle.

Your vehicle is only covered by the KBC Home Insurance if it was parked in the garage or under your carport.

Good to know: KBC Home Insurance taken out recently also includes your vehicle as standard.

As soon as the damage has been assessed, you will receive compensation right away. If the final assessment is taking a long time, we will make sure you get the advance payment you need as quickly as possible.

In the event of complex damage or if assessing the damage takes a long time, KBC will immediately provide you with a generous advance payment commensurate with the damage in question.

This compensation can amount to several thousand euros, or even more if necessary. This will ensure you can quickly find somewhere safe to stay or pay for expensive clean-up costs.

You can also ask your KBC Insurance agent to submit a request for psychological support.


If you have a question and can't find the answer above, feel free to give us a call on +32 (0) 16 24 24 24. Our colleagues are there to help you 24/7.

Make your claim in KBC Touch
Make your claim in KBC Mobile