Bereavement checklist

Bereavement checklist

Immediately after death

1Inform a doctor
Have the death confirmed by a doctor
Contact an undertaker
3Civil status
Ask the undertaker or the responsible person at the hospital to provide you with statements from the death registry
4Bank and insurance company
Report the death to banks and insurance companies
Register yourself as next of kin
Appoint a notary-public
6Employer or pension provider
Inform the deceased person's employer
Inform the deceased person's accountant
Check with the pension provider whether you are eligible for a survivor's pension

After the funeral

Check whether you are entitled to increased child benefit
Are you entitled to increased child benefit? Check whether you are receiving it
Inform the educational institution of the death
Find out whether you are entitled to an (increased) educational grant
Find a home for any pets
Ask the employer about any remuneration that has not yet been paid out
Find out whether the deceased was subscribed to a group insurance policy
Inform the insurance company with whom the deceased person took out their group insurance
Report the death to the institution paying out the replacement income
Submit the funeral invoice to the insurance company
Check whether the trade union will contribute to the funeral or cremation expenses
Get in touch with the health insurance fund
3Real estate
Decide what should happen to the family home, second home, garage, etc.
Put the family home, second home, garage, etc. up for sale
Check the provisions of the lease contract(s) and discuss how to settle these with the owner/tenant
Arrange for post to be forwarded to another address
Decide what should happen to any properties being rented out
Decide what should happen regarding water, gas, electricity, etc. and notify the relevant suppliers
Terminate any maintenance contracts
Decide what should happen regarding fixed expenses
Take over any subscriptions or memberships and adjust the associated direct debit or standing order
Cancel any subscriptions or memberships and their associated direct debits and standing orders
Cancel any other periodic orders and payments
Decide what should happen to the deceased person's vehicle
Get in touch with the Vehicle Registration Office (DIV) in order to return or transfer the registration plate
Get in touch with the insurance company in order to cancel or take over the car insurance policy
Check whether or not the deceased person made a will
Ask for a deed or certificate of succession
Decide whether you will accept the inheritance, reject it, or accept it subject to an inventory
Submit your tax return
Decide how to distribute the inheritance together with all the other heirs
Pay inheritance tax
Submit a tax return on behalf of the deceased person
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