Vrouw staat met smartphone voor auto

Make parking easy for yourself with 4411 in KBC Mobile

  • Easily start and end a parking session
  • Get a notification 15 minutes before your parking session ends
  • Pay quickly with KBC Mobile
Check out 4411 in KBC Mobile

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Parking can sometimes be a real pain. Especially so when you have to drive around until you find a vacant spot and then look for the nearest parking meter, only to discover that you don’t have any change on you. But there’s an easier way!

Start and end your parking session the easy way with 4411

Want to park without the hassle of rummaging around for change or having to find a parking meter? Well, you can! Simply create an account via KBC Mobile and start and end your parking sessions in a few taps from now on.

You pay per minute parked (plus a transaction fee of 0,35 euro), so you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay. 

Parking session ended?

If you want to get a notification 15 minutes before your parking session ends, we can arrange that for you. That saves you the hassle of having to think about it!

Always at your fingertips

4411 is fully integrated into KBC Mobile. That means your favourite parking app and a handy overview of all your parking sessions are just a few taps away.

How does it work?

  1. Log in to KBC Mobile and tap ‘Offer’
  2. Scroll to ‘Mobility’ and tap the ‘4411’ tile
  3. Link your car and start your parking session

Got a question?

Check out 4411 in KBC Mobile

Other additional services are available for your vehicle

KBC Mobile is packed with additional services. For instance, you can also make parking easy for yourself with Q-Park or make refuelling a breeze with Q8!